The 4 Most Popular Clubs in Singapore

Singapore is known for its nightlife and clubs where clusters of nightlife activity flourish, from bars and restaurants. You can hop, jump or biggity bounce between them as they all are located within walking distance. Let’s have an overview of the most popular Singapore clubs where you can have a really classic and cool time enjoying food, dance and fun-filled night.

1. Avalon

This club is actually a freaking crystal pavilion floating on water that looks astonishing on the inside and outside too. It opens only on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the visitors.

Embellished with glittery crystal chandeliers drooping from the ceiling, it is a game of laser-tag amplified to a full-fledged war. Inspired by Hollywood, it brings on jaunty and upbeat vibes, it is the place for young and alive.

Having stretched over two floors; the first runs as a dance floor and bar, and the second serves as sitting areas and the washroom. The elevator of the club is really impressive to the people when it was just opened which is often busy hence you may end up taking the stairs rather than waiting most of the time.

You should take a 10 min walk along the waterfront on the left of the Avalon until you reach a road and hire a cab there.

2. Zouk

Zouk is a mega-complex with a lot of laurels under its belt as a prime nightspot over the years. This makes it a must visit, where you can enjoy Mambo Jambo nights which is a rite of passage for all young Singaporeans and a place where you can have your virgin clubbing experience.

Zouk’s main room is one of four compartmentalized portions and the rest three include Zouk Wine Bar, Velvet Underground, and Phuture. This club functions on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday only. The ground floor Velvet’s dance floor has something very unique from the average joe.

3. Attica

Attica runs all seven days and attracts the hottest crowds from the range of expatriates and sarong party girls. Having a higher age limit of 25 for men, it is quite a cool and exclusive place that the average club. Bouncers often are quite selective by denying certain races and making way for attractive girls to reduce the long queue. 

Attica’s main room is quite a large enough with a courtyard for the smokers or those who want to enjoy the fresh air and leads to Attica Too – the VIP area located on the second floor. If you want to enjoy this club, better to go with Caucasian friends for easy entry. 

4. Home Club

Running from Tuesday to Saturday, Home Club is truly an underground club of Singapore where you may not have much glitz and glamour but you can really have a great time letting your hair down for a good night.

Some popular artists keep playing their music where you can enjoy a really classic time and get mesmerized with the ambiance. You can hear The Smiths, Joy Division, Stone Roses, etc. in public. At Home club, you can listen to the Top 40 mixes being replayed over and over again. You cannot miss checking out +65 at Home Club, which is one of the only dedicated places playing Drum & Bass.


So, friends if you plan to visit Singapore in the near future, better not to miss out the above clubs that are well known for their special attraction and uniqueness.

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