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News  is interesting as players want the latest information about  what’s happening in Singapore and around South East Asian countries.  Being the best city in the world Singapore has many things new coming now and then and this is what is reflected in this section. You will find some interesting news related to casinos; be it local casinos; mobile casinos or online casinos. Also games that are part and parcel of Singapore life, New apps so stay updated to the latest technology being offered for your smartphone whether they are utility apps, social or slots or casino apps and how to play them. Find latest bonus offers to enjoy these games at online casinos.

Another most favoured news that will interest you is about new cafes, hotels, eating joints, pubs and bars to relax from the day’s hard work or spend weekends with your family and friends. Besides this Singaporeans are great shoppers and for them news on shopping malls would certainly be attractive to read and watch videos.

You will also read wonderful posts of latest happenings near to you, new laws about gambling or having fun places to visit, water parks and national parks, fashion, kids, contests and lotteries as well as other information articles that will benefit you.

You can even get to watch wonderful videos related to many of the news that we care and know the best of all. All this and much more you need to visit this news section often and enjoy the latest information.

Why NETS is the first choice of Singaporeans to fund their casino accounts even in 2019?

Make deposits at Singapore online casinos with real Singapore dollars with easy deposit mode that is ENets; Step by step guide to make a deposit with NETS and the cards you can buy and make use of in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore

Singapore Marina Bay Sands was inaugurated in 2010 which is a part of the mega $5.5 billion resort project, Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This casino is much more than just a hotel and casino. It is equipped with all sorts of amenities and facilities to become Southeast Asia’s top entertainment […]

Top 5 Live Music Bars in Singapore

Although Singapore is not that famous for live music, if you look around, there are a handful of live music bars that you must pay a visit to. You might also stumble across a venue on a night with live band playing or acoustic singer, but there is no guarantee […]

First Disney mobile game Epic Quest to be released in 2019 for Singapore players

Disney mobile game Epic Quest to be released in 2019 for Singapore players. You can download this game app from app stores on to your mobile to play and have fun with your favourite Disney characters.

5 Top Night Clubs in Sentosa Island

Beaches have been the lifeline of most of the nightlife in Sentosa which is one of the island’s main selling points. Although all these are manmade, the imported tropical palm trees and white soft sand appears to be a perfect getaway from downtown Singapore, which also includes many beach bars, […]

5 Best Nightlife at Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay nightlife features some of the most sophisticated nightlife venues in Singapore. Our list of the 5 best nightlife venues features a good lofty venue that takes benefits of the breathtaking views across the bay, along with others that don’t warrant an elevator journey. All these cannot exclude the iconic […]

E-bet Slip App launched by Singapore Pools to play lottery games responsibly and eco friendly

E Bet Slip App from Singapore Pools make punters easy to manage their lottery expenses; Download the free app from the link provided on your mobile and play Toto Lotto, Singapore Sweepstakes, 4D or sports betting

6 Best Nightlife in Orchard Road

Orchard Road has so many things to offer to its visitors, but many of its excellent nightlife hubs remain undiscovered by those visiting the city. If you’re a resident of the nearby locality, there are plenty of things to do after dark, whether you want to grab your air guitar […]

Finding the Casino Cruises in Singapore

Earlier, a few decades ago, casinos were not that common and casino cruises were negligible. In order to find a casino, a person would have to travel to that location where they were legal. But now the gambling scenario has changed altogether and several countries have taken the initiative to […]

6 Best Hotels in Chinatown

If you are looking for a rich cultural glimpse in Singapore, better to visit Chinatown, which is the formative district of its colonial past. Its amazing architecture, ancient temples and bustling markets and their number of hotels here – from renovated boutique hotels such as Naumi Liora and Hotel Wink […]

3 Amazing Developments Singaporeans Should Expect in Coming 10 years

  Future is always exciting and full of speculations. But surprisingly, as per a survey conducted on 2016, Singaporeans aren’t very optimistic about the future. It has been found that Singaporean millennial generation is amongst the gloomiest, with only Japan, Greece and Italy being the worse. It is found that half […]

Have fun at Winter Wonderland – The Disney Hotspot in this Holiday Season Singapore 2018-2019

Visit Orchard road this Holiday Season at Singapore and have fun with Disney to enjoy winter wonderland, shopping deals, parties and music and other fun activities full of entertainment beginning from 10th November 2018

3 Ways You can Save Money using Smartphone

You would probably have spent hundreds and often over a thousand dollars on your smartphone. It’s time to reap the benefits.  Do you know your smartphone can actually play a prominent role in saving money and managing your budget and spend less? Below are four ways that you can save […]

How Busy Lives of Singaporeans Resulted in Growth of 3 Industries

Earlier Singaporeans used to reach out to Orchard Road just to satisfy their shopping spree. Now the entire scenario has changed due to the digitized transformation of traditional shopping. Now people are more prone to using their mobile phones to shop online. Singapore’s changed a lot in recent few years […]

What is 4 D lottery and how it is played in Singapore?

Know the ways to play 4 D lottery in Singapore, how to find the draw results and types of bets to place

5 Free or Cheap Things you can Enjoy in Singapore

Singapore is not exactly the cheapest tourist destination for anyone, still, you could enjoy a few things that are cheap or free which you may not find in any other neighboring countries! Those cheap things might include: 1. SAFE AND FREE DRINKING WATER If you‘re out on a tour of […]

Best Mahjong App to play with friends

The game of Mahjong is very old. Its history dates back to China in 500 B.C. For a long tie the game was played with ceramic or wooden tiles that had ornate designs drawn on them. With the development of computer games, the way that mahjong is played has changed, […]

The Blackjack Casino Rules in Singapore

Blackjack is one of the most popular games that is found in online and live casinos. It is a fairly basic game. The object of blackjack is to draw cards that total as close to 21 as possible. If the players hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, […]

Play casino online for real money Malaysia

Playing at Malaysian online or land casino is great fun. There are plenty of online casinos that offer some great casino games for Malaysian players. The most popular games played  are poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, baccarat, bingo and various other games that you will love to enjoy. Though you […]

Mobile Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Malaysia

As online casinos all over the world these days have almost all of the casino games optimized for mobile play, Malaysian players too are addicted to mobile gaming as the statistics showed that in 2017 there were 19.9 million mobile users in the country. This number is projected to grow […]