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News  is interesting as players want the latest information about  what’s happening in Singapore and around South East Asian countries.  Being the best city in the world Singapore has many things new coming now and then and this is what is reflected in this section. You will find some interesting news related to casinos; be it local casinos; mobile casinos or online casinos. Also games that are part and parcel of Singapore life, New apps so stay updated to the latest technology being offered for your smartphone whether they are utility apps, social or slots or casino apps and how to play them. Find latest bonus offers to enjoy these games at online casinos.

Another most favoured news that will interest you is about new cafes, hotels, eating joints, pubs and bars to relax from the day’s hard work or spend weekends with your family and friends. Besides this Singaporeans are great shoppers and for them news on shopping malls would certainly be attractive to read and watch videos.

You will also read wonderful posts of latest happenings near to you, new laws about gambling or having fun places to visit, water parks and national parks, fashion, kids, contests and lotteries as well as other information articles that will benefit you.

You can even get to watch wonderful videos related to many of the news that we care and know the best of all. All this and much more you need to visit this news section often and enjoy the latest information.

6 Things Singapore is Famous For

Singapore is a country that has made its mark on the world and has a high potential for further development as well. Despite its minuscule size and area, Singapore is recognized for many things in the world and some which are listed below. 1. Cheap and Good Street Food Everyone […]

Types of bets to place at Sports betting sites in Peso with wonderful tips for beginners

Sports betting is one of the most popular online games preferred by Singaporeans after the lottery games. There are so many online sites that offer Sports betting to the locals in Peso, that are simple to do even with your mobile. It is no harm in staking at sports or […]

4 Places for Kids to Enjoy Fun Activities in Singapore

Many adventurous things await kids of all ages in Singapore with plenty of fun-filled hands-on activities. Starting from art classes for your little Picassos, to horse riding for thrill freaks, here you will have all. 1. Bukit Timah Saddle Club This club is the perfect place to interact with horses, […]

6 Places to Shop in Singapore

With plenty of malls, thrift stores, and indie outlets, Singapore is known to deliver world-class shopping experience hard to resist. Whether you are love to buy the luxury brand, valuable buys or something cheap, do not forget to visit these places in and around the city to do some serious […]

How to play and buy Singapore Sweep Lottery in minutes?

Singapore Sweep is the popular lottery in Singapore with just $3 per ticket. There are about 3.5 million tickets on sale whose draw takes place on every first Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm. To participate in the Singapore Sweep Lottery, you have to purchase a ticket for the relevant […]

Top 6 Hawker Food Centres in Singapore

Known for its diverse range of foods, Singaporeans enjoy a comprehensive range of good food at affordable prices. Hawker centers, which are the backbone of the Singaporean way of life, each offer amazing and variety of cuisines. Just find the best hawkers to live like a local and be privy […]

10 Delightful Singapore Cafes with No GST & Service Charge

We all have experienced this while visiting any bar or café in Singapore. You delightfully visit a club or café and order your extra charges in the form of service tax or GST. Not expected at all. Here I have compiled a list of 10 cafes that charge neither service […]

10 wonderful food Apps in Singapore that helps you save money

In Singapore there is mixed bag of food costs. You can eat from as cheap as $5-$10 and as high as $20 and above. Often eating out at restaurants and hotels really cost you much. These days as Singaporeans use mobile apps to order their food right at their doorstep […]

7 Best Group Outing Ideas in Singapore

Even though the June holidays are over the fun times are not. If you are planning an outing with our friends below are some top 10 places to visit in Singapore: 1. Amped Trampoline Park You can check out Amped, Singapore’s first trampoline park.  You can try out your parkour […]

7 Reasons to Visit Lombok – the “Baby Bali”

There are a number of reasons to visit Lombok which is really exciting to visit. There are some breathtaking sites to visit over there and above all the alluring beauty of the Kuta, beaches are really very soothing to witness first hand. So this blog generally revels earth shaking places […]

Marina Bay Sands Expo will have fans of games, comics and toys in Singapore Media Festival 2019

About 55,000 fans of games, comics and toys are expected to converge on a 15,000 sq m space at Marina Bay Sands Expo for Singapore Comic Con on Dec 7 and 8, 2019. One of this region’s longest-running and largest pop culture conventions is now part of the Singapore Media Festival. […]

The 4 Most Popular Clubs in Singapore

Singapore is known for its nightlife and clubs where clusters of nightlife activity flourish, from bars and restaurants. You can hop, jump or biggity bounce between them as they all are located within walking distance. Let’s have an overview of the most popular Singapore clubs where you can have a really […]

What is the entry fee to visit casinos in Singapore?

50% fee hike at casinos remain undeterred to Singaporeans from slots and games To keep problem gambling under control, the government in April 2019 have hiked fee at casinos. Now Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents will have to pay 50 per cent more to enter the casinos at the two […]

6 Scary and Abandoned Places in Singapore

Singapore is a modern and developed country, with high-end shopping centres, casinos, and hotels. As every country has its own modest beginnings, some remnants could not pace with the fast development the rest of the country is reeling under. Here are some of the abandoned places which amazing history. But […]

7 Most Romantic Places to Visit in Singapore

This time it’s about romantic places in Singapore where you can bring your partner or date and enjoy the ambiance and amenities! Here, in this piece of information, I have compiled a quick list of the most romantic places in Singapore for you if you plan to visit this place […]

The best four Virtual Reality games to play in Singapore in 2019

Find other VR rooms to enjoy games in Singapore Virtual Reality Games are the talk of the town in Singapore. These interactive computer generated games take place within a simulated environment. Though this immersive gaming environment can be like the real world or it can be fantastical. To play the […]

6 Most Affordable and Coolest Singapore Boutique Hotels

To stay at boutique hotels is something you would love to think about especially in Singapore but only when you know about gorgeous boutique hotels that actually exist here. Surprisingly the majority of these boutique hotels price in the $200+ range that your wallet wouldn’t feel hurt. And the room […]

8 Surprising Singapore Facts You Never Knew

Singapore is a land of surprises as every country has its own set of surprises. You will always find something intriguing about Singapore. It has recently been ranked as the expensive city to live. Today, I have listed some of the surprising facts of Singapore that most of you would […]

How to place Toto Bets by Phone in Singapore Pools Lottery?

Find how to place Toto bets with your mobile; Dial Singapore Pool lottery betting line at 6212 0039 to place Self Pick bets for Ordinary, System Entry and System Roll for the current draw (Monday or Thursday).

7 Incredible Singapore Bars to Enjoy Drinks Under 10 bucks

When you are out from a very long Singaporean work week, you would probably be looking to spend some quality time in a bar to unwind. You have your own expenses, a kitchen to run and bills to pay including a hungry mouth to consume after a long work week. […]