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Live dealers at online casinos are those beautiful and handsome dealers that play live in person with you at the casino table online processing and operating technically with cameras and other devices. Also referred as live casinos these days it’s quite common to find them at online gambling sites. Perhaps very few online casinos must be left out without having a live casino as most of the casinos have separate section to boost of their live dealer game show.

Why do you play with a live dealer?

  • One of the most common factor is that it makes you feel like you are sitting in a land casino, hearing all those noises at casino tables, clinking of chips, players cards, gossiping, and real talking with the dealer as you play the table games.
  • Secondly you get to socialize among many players as most of these live casinos offer chat features where you chat with other players as your game proceeds in real time.
  • Last but not the least it’s fun and entertaining.

Things to consider before playing with a live dealer

  • Live dealer games require bit of money to play. Means they are not available for free play and you need to make a real money deposit.
  • Usually the stakes are higher here for games as the casinos need to take your money to pay the dealers and host the tables and camera technology. If you do not have the bankroll for $5 bets and above then you’ll need to build up a little more before you can hit these tables.
  • You will also find that several players are needed in many games. For example many blackjack games need a minimum of seven players. This does slow things down a little. There is nothing to stop you from playing a ‘normal’ game on the side to keep you focused though!
  • You’ll also need to ensure you have a good bandwidth or Wi Fi connection that is good enough to cope with the live stream on your PC or mobile and steady enough not to drop at a critical moment. This is very crucial to solid play.

How do Live Dealers work?

Betfair casino Live dealer
Betfair casino Live dealer

You must have wondering as how live dealer casino games work. These games work in a different way to the standard online games. Rather than using computerized graphics to simulate what happens in a real casino, they actually feature real dealers operating on real tables. Each gaming table is set up in just the same way as it would be in a land based casino, and each dealer runs their table just as they would if they were working in such a venue.

These dealers don’t have players on the other side of the tables though – they have cameras. These cameras are constantly filming the action as it takes place, and broadcasting it in real time over the web.

Once you register yourself at the online casino and open your real money account you can join the live dealer casino and enter the game. You can then take your virtual seat and watch the action on your computer screen, and then effectively just play remotely.

Once you choose which live dealer casino game you wish to play then you need to select how much to stake and, where relevant, what you want to bet on and what actions you want to take. For example, in live roulette you choose which numbers you want to bet on and how many chips you want to put on each selection. The dealers will act according to your instructions where necessary. As in live blackjack they will deal you another card when you choose to hit. Your online balance will be adjusted according to the results, and that is really all there is to it.

Games offered by Live Dealers

betfair casino live
Betfair casino Live Roulette in Progress

Mostly table games are offered by Live dealers and you can choose to play games like Live dealer Baccarat; Live dealer Roulette, Live dealer Blackjack; Live dealer Sic Bo, Live Casino Hold’em and even some online sites offer Live dealer Craps, Keno and other games.

Live Dealer Blackjack: Live dealer blackjack is played in just the same way as any standard game of blackjack.  First, you will need to place a bet in order to participate in the game.  Once you receive your cards, you can choose to hit, stand, split or double down.  If you have a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding 21 then you win.

Live Dealer Roulette: The rules and play are the same for live dealer roulette and land-based roulette games.  The game involves an actual roulette wheel and a live professional dealer who spins the wheel and the ball.  The only difference is that you will place your bets and receive payouts through the software interface rather than receiving physical casino chips.

Live Dealer Baccarat: Baccarat is a popular casino table game and one of the easiest to learn.  Live dealer baccarat has the same rules and betting options as standard casino baccarat games – you simply need to bet on Player, Banker or Tie.

Other Live Dealer Games

Live dealer -Other games
Texas Holdem Poker Live Dealer

While live dealer blackjack, roulette and baccarat are the most common live dealer games there are a number of other games that are available in this format as well including live dealer Sic Bo, Casino Hold’em, Unlimited Blackjack and Mahjong Pai Gow.  Sic Bo is a unique Chinese dice game that shares similarities with craps.  While this game is not available in all online casinos as a live dealer game, some casinos do feature live dealer Sic Bo.

Casino Hold’em is also available at a few select casinos in a live dealer format.  Live Casino Hold’em is played in almost the same way as traditional Texas Hold’em Poker but instead players are competing against the dealer rather than other players – similar to how blackjack is played.  You can also find live Unlimited Blackjack at several online casinos as well.  The rules of this game are the same as live dealer blackjack but there are no limits so it is perfect for high-rollers.

Finally, one of the most unique live dealer games is Mahjong Pai Gow.  This game is a combination of Pai Gow Poker and the popular Chinese tile game known as Mahjong.  In this game, the dealer does not play but takes commission off bets and the player with the highest matching pair of tiles is the winner.

The top rated live dealer casinos for Singapore players are:

Rich Casino

Betfair Casino

Betvictor Casino

Unibet Casino

Players from Singapore can fund their gaming account through various options. This includes Visa, Click2Pay, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Western Union and MasterCard. With these options, players instantly deposit funds into their account as well as withdraw funds using the same. Most of these casinos support SGD and USD.

So you will find that playing at Live dealer casinos are much more convenient and you can play whenever you want. Also there are lots of bonuses and rewards that are offered by the Live dealer online casinos and win fabulous prizes. Also you do not need to download any software as you can play the live dealer games directly through your web or mobile browser.

The only thing you need to look at when selecting a live dealer casino to play is that the casino has great selection of games to offer and has some great bonuses for players.

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