6 Scary and Abandoned Places in Singapore

Singapore is a modern and developed country, with high-end shopping centres, casinos, and hotels. As every country has its own modest beginnings, some remnants could not pace with the fast development the rest of the country is reeling under.

Here are some of the abandoned places which amazing history. But along with the passage of time comes the rumors of unusual sights and hauntings. You can also bring your cameras with you and explore the places that are abundant with haunting sights!

Many of the places have been illegal to enter also so it is suggested to please comply with the law and do not trespass at such places.

1. Old Changi Hospital 

This is the most notorious haunted spot in Singapore – Old Changi Hospital which has been there since 1935. It served as a prison camp during World War 2, during the Japanese Occupation and have witnessed plenty of tragedy.

Surprisingly, this place still stands tall and it has not been demolished. Rumors are that the hospital is still very much haunted in spite of renovation.

2. Neo Tiew Estate  

There is an entire estate of abandoned HDB flats, on the other hand Singapore is seeking land to reclaim to accommodate the growing population!  This old estate is decorated with graffiti and offerings to spirits, and you can venture into this estate if you are brave enough. This is why the army organize urban operations exercises at Neo Tiew Estate!

This area has been fenced up and you can only take photos from a distance, you cannot enter this estate.

3. Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel 

This hostel is located in one of the most post estates in Singapore but it is surprising that there are abundant posh houses and cars. It was originally built in the 1950s as a hostel for the many Brunei students arriving here for education. It was closed in the 80s when Brunei started establishing their own elite schools. You can find the graffiti here.

Although the gate is chained, there is a hole beside which is usually used to enter and explore this place.

4. View Road Hospital

Woodbridge Hospital is one of the most popular mental hospitals in Singapore. Due to the growing crowd in Woodbridge metal hospital, View Road Hospital was built in 1975. Later in 2001, it was transformed into a foreign workers lodge which was also closed down and abundant after four years. It is rumored that it’s haunted by patients who remain trapped inside. It is now fenced up with CCTV.

5. Railway Track Near Sunset Way 

There are train tracks near Sunset Way that connects Singapore and Malaysia, which have been defunct for many years. What makes it a little different from the disused stations is these are on a suspended bridge. Although it offers many picturesque spots for photoshoots, people with a fear of heights do not come to this place. Lack of fencing at some parts and the rotten wooden planks make this track somewhat haunting and shaky!

6. Lim Chu Kang Pier

Prior to World War 2, Lim Chu Kang Pier was facilitated by the Japanese as a makeshift brothel during the war. The family of Cashin, who was also the owner of the Matilda House in Punggol,- reclaimed it post-war and used the place as a weekend resort. It is located in an idyllic location surrounded by peace and quiet, it’s no wonder they went there to relax but often it appears to be abundant and little scary! After Howard Cashin passed away in 2009, it has been abundant and has not been used any more. This place is not open to the public and fenced up, since late 2013.


These are some of the abandoned places in Singapore which has been left without anyone visiting these places and some of these are known as haunted also. 

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