5 Most Popular Nightlife Destinations in Singapore

Singapore is a place known for its colorful and vibrant nightlife all over the world. If you are looking for such places and not sure where to hang out, this piece of information would surely help you plan your Singapore vacation making it a worth remembering visit.

I have listed down some of the coolest and popular nightlife destinations that every visitor much visit once to get the experience of a lifetime. All these places are hot spots where clusters of nightlife activity can be seen, from bars, clubs, and restaurants. Surprisingly they are located within walking distance.

1. Boat Quay/Circular Road

This historical Boat Quay is situated next to Clarke Quay in Singapore. Here the shophouses have been tastefully transformed into house various bars, pubs, and restaurants. With many eateries and pubs flank the busy walkway along the river and you can enjoy exploring the stretch walking for yourself.

You should check out the bars and pubs along Circular Road, behind Boat Quay, as you will find many delicacies here. Some of these include Magambo Bar and Restaurant with friendly staff, Bar 57 with amazing ambiance at 2nd floor area and Charlie’s Tapas Grill and Bar a Spanish tapas.

2. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is the major hotspot of nightlife destinations in Singapore. It is a riverside festival village offering amazing dining, drinking and clubbing options for the ultimate nightlife experience. You can flock to the bridge and riverside with alcohol bought from convenience stores. This is quite an inexpensive alternative which is not that classy but you still get to enjoy the excitement and freshness in the air.

3. Orchard Area/Orchard Towers

Downtown Orchard Road offers an altogether different nightlife vibe with the infamous Orchard Towers. You will find several streetwalkers roaming the area which many may not like but if you ignore them, you will find gorgeous watering holes in the area. It also features several discos and pubs within the towers itself and also with TAB and Hard Rock Café at a small distance.

You should check out Ming Arcade, which is, in fact, a commercial building. On its second floor at Cuscaden Patio Café and Pub, you can find cheap booze and delicious pub grub including potato wedges and chicken wings. Here you can also get a jug of beer for $18 and even cheaper at $12 on Tuesdays.

4. Holland Village

It is also called as Holland V, which is a busy enclave popular place for locals and expatriates. You will find here stores like hair salons and pet shops. Here under-aged drinkers buying alcohol from convenience stores is a really common sight. You will also get to see Sheesha bars and ice cream stores like Swensens and Haagendaz which you must visit.

5. Ann Siang Hill & Cross Street

Featuring many bars, eateries and art houses, Ann Siang Hill & Cross Street is one of the more hip and happening places in recent times. With plenty of gatherings, the crowd overflow tends to spill out onto the street with the progress of the night offering a laid back environment where you can socialize on the streets with a drink in hand.

This place is great to host a party as they usually have no venue charge as long as you buy alcohol from them throughout the night. But do not forget to book in advance.


Singapore is a very lively and radiant place with full of entertainment and activities. These are some of the amazing and fun-filled spots and some are cool places where you can spend your time if you want to see the nightlife of this vibrant city.   

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