Singapore 4D Tips

The Singapore 4D is a lotto option that gives out great payouts to its players. It is a game that is licensed by the Malaysian Government. It is one of the most popular options for Singapore and Malaysia residents. It is comparable to the game in America and Canada called pick 4.

How it works is players have the option to bet a specific number with an ordinary entry or a 4-D roll. A 4-D Roll is when a player picks a number with an R in it, such as R 235; then, there can be three ordinary numbers in the chosen numbers and the R option they choose. There is also another option of quick pick where the computer picks random numbers of what is big and small for the player. There are many reasons to play the Singapore 4-D like:

  • First Prize amount and other winnings
  • Online betting option
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Ease of play
  • Singapore 4D analysis
  • Frequent Plays

First Prize Amount and Other Winnings

The game of Singapore 4D has great payouts available for the first prize amount of up to $5,000. There are 23 different combinations of winners drawn each game. This means there are 69 different winners a week.  Each game gives winning amounts for 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, starter, and consolation prizes as well. The payout amount awarded depends on the amount that the person bets on the numbers. Players have a betting limit of $1 to $100 for every bet placed for the game.

Online Betting Option

The game can be played at many online companies such as At this site, players are given the option of betting multiple different options online.

Mobile Accessibility

“Singaporeplay” gives players the option of playing numbers on the go. The site is compatible to Android and Apple products.  There is an iPhone app available for easy use and will suit every player’s needs. It has the compatibility to be accessed from multiple different mobile devices.

Ease of Play

We have easy navigation and great customer service to help with anything. The site is very simple, yet designed with many different options as well for online betting.

Singapore 4-D Analysis

“singaporeplay” offers players a Singapore 4D analysis that will show players patterns among the numbers that have been drawn and give them a chart of numbers that show which ones have been pulled and when. This will give each player better odds to get a winning ticket if they pick their own numbers instead of the quick pick.

Frequent Plays

The game of Singapore 4D also has many different games a week. There are a total of 3 games that are played each week. Games are drawn on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Players have the option of choosing to bet their tickets on one draw or use it for two or maybe all three of the drawings for that week. How it works is players choose their number each day and then sit back to see if their numbers are the ones drawn.

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