Singapore Betting Act: Is Online Gambling Legal in Singapore?

Singapore Gambling History and Progression

Since 1965, when Singapore split from Malaysia, they have governed their own laws about the gambling industry. The Betting Act in 1960 suppressed the use of common betting houses and public places. Only a year later the gaming houses, public gaming, and public lotteries came to a complete stop with the Common Gaming Houses Act.

In 1968, the option of legal lotto games, known as the sweepstakes and Toto, were allowed after a monopoly was formed that year. Football banning remained illegal until it was brought forth in 1999. Lastly, Formula One Racing was able to have betting options starting in the year 2008.

Gambling laws in Singapore have diminished to being null and void. Because of this, many of the online gambling casinos accept players from Singapore to play. Because the gaming industry in Singapore has not banned or accepted the use of online gambling many play today.

Singapore is a country that agrees that gambling, although fun can lead to serious addiction and can require help from professionals. This is why the betting hotline was incorporated.  Although there is no law that says Singapore online gambling is legal there are still laws that have stipulations with gambling on land in Singapore and Singapore online gambling. These things include:

  • Restricted casinos with age requirements
  • Dress requirements
  • ID requirements
  • Correct currency and entrance fees

Restricted Casinos with Age Requirements

The gambling laws in Singapore are constructed so that there are only two casinos available for gambling of any kind. These consist of the Marina Bay Sands Casino Hotels and the Resorts World Sentosa Hotel & Casino Singapore; both of these are governed by the statutory board of the Singapore Government.

They are under their own panel known as the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Singapore online gambling is also available, but like the land casinos there is an age requirement of 21 in order to play.

Dress Requirements

Players have to abide by a dress code when entering the casinos that are on land. It is casual dress wear, but no flip flops or beach wear is permitted inside at any time.

ID Requirements

The gambling laws Singapore require all local Singapore residents to carry a Casino Entry Levy that is current and up to date. All players, including residents, must have a government issued ID that is updated as well. All out of country residents must have a current passport as well in order to go into the casinos.

Correct Currency and Entrance Fees

The correct currency must be used in the land casinos.  The Singaporean dollar is the only accepted form of payment and it is also the way of payouts after winning. Singapore online gambling has the ability to bet with multiple currencies and can be exchanged to different types of payouts.

The betting duty Singapore residents are required to pay entrance fees into the casino. This equals to $100 for 24 hours or $2,000 for a year membership. Tax will also be taken for all winnings from every player no matter if they are a Singapore resident or not after winning.

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