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Singapore Pools

The Singapore Big Sweep can be found in many locations.  At Singapore Pools you will find convenient accessibility with the same options that can be found in other places. It offers good odds with sports, including soccer, and an app that can be accessed with a mobile device.  In the year 2014, the online betting feature is the way to go for less stress and comfort. A number of reasons to visit the site are:

  • Easy usability
  • Safe transactions
  • Day to day operations available throughout the web
  • Accessible on mobile devices
  • All types of lotto available

Easy Usability                     

Now you can see that this website is very easy to navigate. With highlights to the right, there is not an available gambling feature that will go unnoticed. Drop down menus are available for every feature. There is an option of a number checker that is used just by inputting the number of the ticket to find out what prize is won. Games are played in real time and offer a game that is for everyone.

Safe Transactions

With state of the art technology, it guarantee the protection of every customer’s vital information when playing. They are a regulated and licensed company with great security. No information will ever leak out to anyone regarding customer’s banking information or their personal information. They hold  customers in the highest regards and respect each one individually.

Day-to-Day Operations Available Through the Web

Singapore Pools website offers everything that is needed right on the site itself. If there are more questions or concerns, then customers can contact their superb customer service. Customer service can be contacted by phone, email, or online chat right on the site itself. Players also have the option to also visit them on Facebook with everything that anyone would ever want to know. This can include the odds available for each game, as well as the sports betting options available on the site. Lotto is a big deal for at Singapore Pools and they cater to every game that is available.

Accessible on Mobile Devices

They have now introduced a new way of play.  With the new app created in 2014 for lotto, the site gives players the option of betting on the go. The app can be accessed from any iPhone, Android, or compatible phone or mobile device. Now  players can do just about all their play on the road including casinos, live betting, slots, table games, lotto, and sports betting.

All Types of Lotto Available

There are many types of lotto available on the site. Players can enjoy the availability of Singapore Sweeps, jackpot prizes, lucky prizes, gift prizes, consolation prizes, participation prizes, and delight prizes. These prizes can be found from lotto options that shape around the big sweep for big payouts and many different winning capabilities. Some of the lottery games that you can enjoy at Singapore Pools is Toto, 4 D, Singapore Sweep and Sports Betting.

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