6 Things Singapore is Famous For

Singapore is a country that has made its mark on the world and has a high potential for further development as well. Despite its minuscule size and area, Singapore is recognized for many things in the world and some which are listed below.

1. Cheap and Good Street Food

Everyone is a foodie nowadays and foodies often try to find new cuisines to pleasure themselves. Singapore is the perfect place for such foodies to rummage through the intricate cuisines of the streets. With a cheap reasonable price, street food in Singapore remains healthy and hygienic throughout the year. There are different hawker centers as well in the streets where people can enjoy the large food varieties amidst the brave humidity of the terrain.

2. Being Super Clean

With delicious food comes the hygiene of Singaporean streets and the locals take pride in their maintenance of cleanliness. This is because of the efficiency of manpower that is highly active in this line of work with about 50,000 in general. It’s not just the workers that pledge to keep the city clean, even the laws are praiseworthy when it comes to cleanliness in this city. The government has put up some strict laws about littering, spitting on the streets, vandalism, and public urination. The charges include the Corrective Work Order, where offenders are urged to pick up litter in a bright vest.

3. Greenery Amidst the City

With the strict laws, comes the eco-friendly nature of the Singaporeans that have made this city into what is called today as the ‘Garden City’. It has well lushly and intricate public spaces and roads. Of course, there are going to be problems when the term rising population comes in debate but despite that, Singapore has made many benevolent efforts on spreading the green as much as possible around the urban civilization. There are numerous public parks, flowers and bushes lining, and tall shady trees covering the city as a whole.

4. That Ban on Chewing Gum

While stereotyping the generic Asian countries that people often do, they know Singapore as that country where chewing gum has been banned. This rule was implemented in the country in the year 1992 to combat the atrocious behavior of those sticking gum at unwanted places disrupting the new subway system and started giving out heavy fines to any of those who practiced such behavior. On your lease, you can bring gum to this place but you won’t find any being sold on the streets.

5. The Marina Bay Skyline

Singapore has also been making efforts in the reconstruction of the skyline for the last 10 years. With the introduction of Marina Bay that once used to be the empty place where land and water met, it certainly is a serene and a beautiful sight for the sore eye at night. There are also other iconic places such as the Esplanade, Helix Bridge, Merlion, and the quintessential skyscrapers of the Central Business and Marina Bay Financial Districts.

6. Fines and Corporal Punishment

Singapore has surely flourished into one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a proficient code of conduct as well. Tourists often call this the ‘fine city’ due to the tremendous amount of laws and regulations being followed in this city. Hefty fines can be charged and the usual crimes that shouldn’t be conducted are the smoking in non-smoking areas, jaywalking or drinking on the MRT. Other crimes include robbery, vandalism, or drug trafficking. These crimes can result in jail sentences or sometimes even death sentences.

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