Types of bets to place at Sports betting sites in Peso with wonderful tips for beginners

Sports betting with PESO

Sports betting is one of the most popular online games preferred by Singaporeans after the lottery games. There are so many online sites that offer Sports betting to the locals in Peso, that are simple to do even with your mobile. It is no harm in staking at sports or esports as placing wagers on occasions and events is exciting and often rewarding. The sports betting sites provide ample opportunities to bet and win and even hit jackpots and become rich while playing sports betting Singapore. The sports are numerous to bet upon mainly being football, horse racing, cricket or any other and all you need is to place a wager on the result of a sports event. If you are right about the result, you win. This allows you to earn back your money.

Here are types of bets to place at Sports betting sites in Peso with wonderful tips for beginners who haven’t yet opened their account with the Sports betting arena. It is advised for beginners to start with the simple bets and then move to more complex one. 

Sports betting Singapore

To begin with understand that every sports bet is made up of three important parts stake, selection and Odds. So as a beginner remember to:

Stake properly

Stake is the amount of money which you want to bet. You can place a small, medium or high stake. In most cases, you are free to bet any amount of stake. However, some betting houses have minimum and maximum stakes. Always check if there are any terms or conditions associated with Stakes that you place on different sports.

Select sports wisely

This is your personal prediction on the bet. It is the outcome which you hope will emerge so that you can win. A simple selection usually has one variable. On the other hand, a complex selection has multiple variables. Thus, there are many different types of selections.

Know the Odds

The odds are essentially the likelihood that a specific outcome will emerge on a bet. The odds are usually presented as a fraction such as 1/1. They can also be presented as a money line such as 1000.
If you place a stake on a bet with 1/1 odds and win, the betting house will pay you an amount which is equivalent to your stake. Simple bets have 1:1 odds. On the other hand, complex bets have higher odds. Every sports bet has these important sections. As such, a beginner should always have a firm understanding of these elements.

Different types of Bets at Sports betting sites

Different types of  bets at sports betting sites Singapore
  • Straight Bets: The straight bet is the most common wager placed by sports bettors especially when it comes to sports such as football and basketball. A betting line is set, which is often referred to as a point spread, and you can either bet on the favorite and give-up the points or place a bet on the underdog and get the points. The favorite has to win the game by more than the set point spread in order to cash-in. The underdog has to win outright or lose by less than the point spread to “cover” and win the bet. Ties in this situation are known as a “push” and no money is lost or won.
  • Total Line Bets: The second-most popular bet in many sports is on the total line. In this type of sports bet, a number is set for the combined final score of both teams and you then bet on the actual score staying “under” that total or going “over” the set number. Often times you can bet on a total line by each half of a game when it comes to football and in basketball.
  • Money Line Bets: When you make a money line bet, you are picking a team to win straight-up without any point spread. The risk involved is the amount you have to wager to pick the favorite verse the amount you stand to make if you pick the underdog. These types of bets are released for all the major sports, but they primarily come into play for baseball and hockey.
  • Parlay Bets: The act of grouping together two or more picks into one single bet is known as a parlay. It can be as few as two separate picks all the way up to a particular sportsbook’s set limit (10-12 picks). The betting odds on a parlay payout are adjusted accordingly based on the total number of picks you group together. Usually they start at a 13-to-5 return in your favor for a two-team parlay and can go as high as 645-to-1 for a 10-team parlay. The trick to cashing-in on a parlay is that all of your picks must win or the entire parlay is lost. Parlays can be a very high risk/high reward sports bet and not always appropriate for the faint of heart.
  • Teaser Bets: A teaser bet is a twist on a parlay in that you are still grouping two or more picks together in a single bet, but you can now tweak the point spreads in your favor in return for a lower overall payout. If the sportsbook is offering a six-point teaser bet, then a 3.5-point underdog would now be getting 9.5 points. The downside to teasers is that they are still hard to hit and your overall payout is reduced quite a bit using the adjusted betting lines. Typically a straight-up three-team parlay would pay 6-to-1, but once you decide to tease the spread in your favor, the payout drops to 2-to-1 on a winning bet.
  • Head-to-Head Bets: This type of bet is found in professional golf, a common way to bet these events is to bet on the head-to-head results between just two competitors. Whichever one finishes the race or the tournament in the higher position wins. Many times a money line will be attached to each competitor as a way to handicap the match. This type of bet is very popular for sports such as these considering just how hard it is to pick an outright winner among a very large field.

Different types of Odds

Singapore pool lotteries

Odds basically help you calculate the probability of a certain team or player winning. For instance, it is more likely that the team leading the premiership will win over the bottom-placed team. Thus, the leading team will have lower odds than the lowest ranked team since it has a higher probability of winning. Different betting sites display odds in different formats. The most common ones are:

Fraction Odds: Fraction odds are represented as a fraction. Fraction odds are common in the United Kingdom. You can use fraction odds to calculate the probability of a certain team winning. For instance, if a team with 9/1 odds of winning: First, replace the numbers with NB. To calculate probability, use this formula. B/ (A+B)x 100. Like in this case, (9+1=10), 1/10 x 100= 10% Therefore, a team with 9/1 odds has a 10% chance of winning. It might seem complicated, but it gets easy with time.

You can also use the fraction to determine how much money you will win. The rule is, for every unit of B you stake, you stand to win an amount. For instance, in the fraction 9/1. If you bet $1 dollar and your team wins, you stand to win $9. If you bet $11 in a 4/11 fraction, you stand to win $4.

Decimal odds: Decimal odds are the most common types of odds in Singapore sports betting. This is because they are very easy to understand. All you need to do is multiply your stake with the decimal figure to get your total payout. For instance, if you stake $10 dollars on 22 odds, your total payout will be 22$. This payout includes your original stake.

American Odds: This format is not common in Singapore sports betting, but you might still find it The odds are expressed as + or – odds. Positive odds show how much you are likely to win if you place a stake of $100. For example, +220 odds will yield a total return on $220. Negative odds show you how much you need to bet to win $100. For instance, -220 odds mean that you need to stake $220 to win $100. Your total payout will be the initial stake plus the winnings ($320).

It is the role of a bookmaker to provide the odds for a sports bet. Odds might vary across different bookmakers or online sports betting sites. You might win more with one bookmaker than another bookmaker. It is upon you to find the bookmaker with the highest odds since higher odds mean a higher payout.

You should try online betting to save you the time you would use calculating. Most online sites involved in Singapore sports betting do calculations for gamblers. All you must do is select the odds and the site will do the calculations for you

 How to place sports bet in Singapore?

How to place sports bet in Singapore?

To place sports bet or do sports betting in Singapore first join the reputed and legit sports betting site or casino.  Then select the games and the amount to stake. Many online sports betting firms, however, doesn’t limit the betting experience to the online platforms; some offer betting services through telephone/mobile services while others have physical sports books or casinos. Here are the ways you can place sports bet in Singapore:

Bet at Casino Sportsbooks: Physical casinos in Singapore are regulated by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Some of the reputed Casinos in Singapore are state-owned such as the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World. To place your bet in these casinos, you just hand in your bet slip and the cash on the counter. The cashiers will then confirm the odds and you’re good to go. When the bet mature, you’ll go and pick the amount. While this is quite unpopular as compared to online sports betting sites; many Singapore bettors still embrace this mode of betting.

Online Singapore sports betting sites: This is the most common and highly preferred sports betting mode. Here, there’s no cash, no driving to a casino and no worry of collecting money. Everything has been customized for you. Choosing the right online sports betting site is often the first step before placing any wager. With online betting, you can choose to bet on both local and international sports with no restrictions.

Licensed Bookmaking shops: Singapore’s gambling rules aren’t so well-defined. Public gambling is often considered illegal while betting on certain booking shops is considered a totally legal affair. While choosing any Singapore sports betting shop, consider the laws of the land so you don’t get yourself in trouble. Some of the common Singapore bookmaking shops include the government-owned Singapore pools and the Singapore Turf Club.

Telephone betting sites: Online betting sites sometimes prefer using this mode to drive their betting services. In places where accessing the internet is a bit of a challenge, telephone betting comes in handy. Here, all you need to do is call or use messaging services to place a bet with a Singapore sports betting site. More often, the odds are updated on the site, so players just need to place their wages after confirming if there are any changes.

Finally note that doing sports betting at online bookies or casinos is the most easy way to place a bet. Simply register and make a deposit in PESO or dollars or any other currency you want , even in Bitcoins and start sports betting.

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