Casino Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

The gambling in Singapore is attracting many people. Some choose to take part by using the online gambling websites while others choose to take casino cruises. Many people prefer all of the fun and action that they can find at a live casino and this is especially true when people learn about the Marina Bay Sands casino resort.

If all a person cares about is winning or losing money playing the casino games then the online casinos may be a good option. If a person wants a live casino and does not want to have a wide variety of games to choose from and not much else to do other than play the games, a casino cruise is an option. For people that are looking for a big casino with plenty of games to play including both slots and table games and it they want more to do than just gamble, than a resort such as Casino Marina Bay Sands is probably the best option.

About the Resort

The casino is only one part of the Marina Bay Sands Resort. It is a waterfront property located in Southern Singapore, east of the downtown core. It was developed by Las Vegas sands and is designed to be a place where people can get everything they want or need. It is often billed as the most expensive casino resort ever built at a cost of nearly $8 billion dollars. It includes a hotel, convention center, mall, theaters and 7 restaurants that are billed as celebrity chef restaurants. There is also a museum and a skating rink to enjoy.

Entertainment includes many headline performers that are regularly scheduled. The area has been host to shows such as the Lion King and other plays and skating exhibitions by Olympic stars such as Michelle Kwan.

The Casino      

The casino has everything people expect and more. The casino is the largest atrium casino in the world. There are more than 2,300 slot machines and 500 table games with 20 different games being offered to play from. The casino is on three levels and occupies more than 15,000 square meters. They offer a non-smoking area and private gaming rooms. The dress code for the casino is smart casual and beachwear is not allowed to be worn in the casino.

Visitors to the casino can choose to stay and gamble on the floor where they will be provided with complimentary beverages or they can choose to go to one of the many bars or restaurants at the resort for a break in the action.

The minimum age for gambling in Singapore is 21. Singapore citizens and permanent residents must purchase an entry levy. The cost of this is $100 for daily entry and $2,000 for an annual entry. Visitors to the casino that are not citizens or permanent residents have a separate line that they should enter the casino through.

The Marina Bay Sands casino resort is an amazing facility. It is a place that everyone can find something that they want to do.

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