12 Must have Mobile Apps for Every Singaporean

Nowadays, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are very common platforms in our smartphones. Imagining life without them is impossible. Do you know for Singaporeans there are equally necessary apps that you haven’t discovered yet? Let’s have a closer look at those mandatory apps for Singaporeans. If you are a Singaporean, these apps make your lives simpler, lighter and normal. Here are some life-changing apps that you cannot miss out on.

  1. Apps to Track your Bus Time

SGBusLeh (iOS/Android) is a bus timing app informing about the waiting times for the bus you’re waiting. Similar to this app, there’re several options, but this one is at the top of its game with value-added feature like bus locations, timings for the next three buses, and the seating capacity information. You can plan your morning without missing any bus while buying your kopi-peng.

  1. Job Searching Apps on Vacations

FastJobs (iOS/Android) is a job-searching app launched by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) for people who are looking for temporary, contract or part-time stints during the vacation. It works best for students seeking short-term jobs with a clear user interface. You need to enter the desired job type, pay, and preferred location and you are done.

  1. App for Haze level information

Haze@SG (iOS/Android) is an app that tells you the 3-hour and 24-hour PSI readings and you can also share it on Facebook. It sends out an alert when PSI levels reach dangerous heights.

  1. For More Internet

You can rely on Wireless@SG (iOS/Android) for more internet as it is an Infocomm Development Authority app that on downloading automatically connects you to Wireless@SG if you’re close to a hotspot. In Singapore, there are 2 types of mobile users – a 2GB/month data package, and the ones who run on their 12GB/month plan. In case you are surviving on former one, this app helps you get free wifi at up to 2MB/s in McDonald’s automatically.

  1. Buying and Selling Online

You can sell or buy goods within minutes using Carousell (iOS/Android) online platform by browsing through categories and chatting with buyers/sellers to deal immediately. This is best for you if you are a regular shopaholic. It is easy to find second-hand items you can’t find anywhere else.

  1. Seamless Money Transfer

Using DBS PayLah! (iOS/Android) you can easily and quickly transfer money to your friends through your mobile phone. Mobile banking is great, but often require an additional bank token or ‘dongle’ to successfully complete transactions. But with Paylah, all you need is your smartphone.

  1. Purchase Travel Insurance

When you are traveling using DBS TravellerShield (iOS) you can easily buy travel insurance in minutes using this DBS app. This is a great app for last-minute packers.

  1. Local Networking App

In case you want to connect with the local Singapore business community, industry leaders etc. do not hesitate to use DBS BusinessClass (iOS/Android) app. You will find here industry experts, learn about industry trends, and consult business experts at exclusive events with this app.

  1. Want a Taxi

When you are ready to move and want to have a taxi at your doorstep in minutes, GrabTaxi (iOS/Android) app came come to play. Through this app, you are connected with a taxi/private driver within minutes. Cashless payment options are also available.

  1. To Pay Bills

Being a Singaporean you can make your bill payments using AXS m-Station (iOS/Android) that offers selected eServices available on AXS stations, like payment of season parking, penalties, bills, etc. With this app, you can now pay bills on your phone and keep track of your payment records also.

  1. Get food Delivered at Home

Foodpanda (iOS/Android) is the largest online food delivery network in Singapore that allows you to select from a list of food choices, order and pay with your phone. Deliveries are not limited to fast food!

  1. Watch a Movie

You can book tickets and seats of your choice using Popcorn! (iOS/Android) for all the movies in all the cinemas in Singapore. You do not have to visit the websites of specific cinema halls to book your tickets. With this one-stop app, you can get all updated information and directly book tickets.


Today you will have an App for every problem. Whether you want to watch a movie, buy stuff, seek taxi, sell or buy anything or even want to get any information, you get everything on your smartphone.

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