Top 6 Apps for Exploring Singapore

When traveling abroad you may need some very useful that can guide you in terms of places to visit, exploring new places and many other important things you may require. It could be XE Currency, Skyscanner and Agoda which are extremely useful when your trip isn’t completely planned and you are booking hotels and flights last minute or the go. Let’s have a look at those apps that can come to your rescue in your travel especially when you are traveling to Singapore!

  1. Explore Singapore MRT Map

MRT Map app can help you explore Singapore geographically. It is packed with three public transit maps for one tiny city-state, especially when you already have Google Maps as a default, but it actually allows you to have all three when exploring Singapore in this app. This MRT Map (iOS/Android) offers you the full and updated MRT map on a single screen, with features to have detailed directions between stops and other landmarks.

  1. ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App

Singapore does have both Uber and Grab, but it’s much better to download the local app used by Singapore’s official taxi company also, as it is by far more reliable. Although Uber and Grab are often the cheaper options, both apps are widely notorious for drivers getting lost or often your trip is canceled a few minutes later. So better to get ComfortDelGro on iOS and Android.

  1. oBike or Ofo


These are two new apps in Singapore, which are Chinese ventures started out with bike sharing programs in Singapore. To use this, you simply have to deposit $50 through your credit card, but once done it will start costing you just $1.00 an hour to rent these bikes from locations to anywhere around the city. To top it all, you can submit them to the nearest parking place from your destination rather than returning them to their original locations like bicycle rental spot. Get oBike (iOS/Android) or Ofo (iOS/Android).

  1. Burpple and HungryGoWhere

These apps are similar to Yelp in the States, both Burpple (iOS/Android) and HungryGoWhere (iOS/Android) offers crowdsourced data about local restaurants and food joints. The benefit of checking out these apps is that many of the Singaporean food bloggers write their reviews on tasting events and not based on anonymous visits. Moreover, users of these two apps generously update their reviews frequently, which means the information is more up-to-date.

  1. Lightning@SG

In Singapore, the Weather Network’s app is not that helpful. But when you use Lightning@SG (iOS/Android) it can track not only lightning but the location and direction of rain clouds as well, offering you a more accurate estimation of the weather in different parts of the island.

  1. Citymapper and bus@sg

Citymapper (iOS/Android), provides Singapore-specific details including options like a “heat safe” route and the particular MRT route that is nearest to your destination. So far bus@sg (iOS/Android) is concerned, it is less necessary but still helpful as it displays when the next bus is expected to come, which prevents you from waiting for the bus when it is too long to wait for the bus and better to walk.


These are the most user-friendly and useful apps that you must have when you plan to visit Singapore on your next vacation!

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