Where to buy poker chips from Singapore 

Poker chips

When it comes to popular games in the world, poker is probably near the top of the list. In Singapore, the growth in popularity of poker over the last few years is staggering. The opening of the two live casinos in Singapore has helped spark the interest in playing poker in Singapore in addition to the growth of online casinos. Not everyone wants to play poker at a casino or they do not want to play against a computer online. Instead they want to gather with their friends and play the game of poker in the comfort of their own home or at some establishment that allows them to gather.

The great thing about playing poker in your own home in Singapore is that you can play for fun or you can set the stakes that everyone is comfortable with. A poker game only needs a few things.

  • A good sturdy table
  • Playing cards
  • Friends
  • Poker Chips

It is a good idea to find quality poker chips if you are serious about the game of poker. That will enhance the feel of the game and make it more enjoyable. The sound of high quality chips being thrown into the pot is very different when cheap plastic chips are used. In order to find good poker chips in Singapore it is important to know where to look.

  • InQBox – Located at Raffles City #B1-4. They offer plenty of poker chips of different quality and weight. Sets are also available. The shop has all of the things that are needed for a great night of poker. There are also poker sets available that come in a box and include chips and cards
  • Kuhl – Located at Plaza Singapura #03-25 and Ang Mo Kio Hub #02-52. They offer small packages of chips in packs of 100. Sets can also be purchased that include 300 chips and cards.
  • Toys r Us – The quality of the chips will be much lower than found at other stores. Small packages of chips in packs of 2100 and sets are found at the different locations of this store. This may not be what the serious poker player is looking for.
Poker Chips
                                         Poker chips for sale online at pokercards.net

If you are interested in buying poker chips online then you can also find some great online stores like the You bet poker and the poker cards.net

When you buy poker chips from Poker cards you may choose options to make your payment like Paypal, Credit Card (can be done via Paypal, no Paypal account needed) and Bank Transfer (via iBanking or ATM fund transfer)

Your order will be processed within 36 hours and mailed within 1-2 working days. You will receive a notification email once your item has been mailed out. Note that cash payment is currently not available for online orders. If you would like to pay by cash, you need to visit their stores.

There are no mailing charges for orders in Singapore. All orders come with free local mail. For orders of S$50 and above, your order will be mailed out via registered mail (with tracking code) for a peace of mind. For more details, please refer their shipping fees page.

Poker chips for sale

If you are interested in buying from Youbet poker then you will find variety of chips to buy like customised poker chips, strip dice chips, hologram, Monte Carlo gold edition, Las Vegas Gold Chips, Deluxe Chips and many more. You can contact them by email at sales@youbet-poker.com for more information ot call at (65) 8488 9228 (Singapore)for more details.

Getting the poker chips is just the start to a great night of poker. When choosing the chips make sure that you get different colors to represent the different values of the chips. It is also a good idea to have some type of holder for the chips that makes them easy to dispense and to store.

Some people may want to get the chips from the casinos. That is generally not a good idea. The chips from the casino have a dollar value on them that is much higher than what they are really worth. That may be good when playing poker in the casino, but for those looking for chips that they can use for their own poker game, it does not make sense to do this. When you take the time to get the right poker chips, they can last a lifetime.

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