Top 6 Nyonya and Peranakan Restaurants in Singapore

Peranakan food is an amazing heritage cuisine which is a fusion of Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian spices and cooking techniques.

The Peranakan heritage of Singapore will take you back to the 15th century. Here are the top 6 Nyonya and mouth-watering Peranakan food in Singapore:

1. The Peranakan Restaurant


The Peranakan Restaurant can set your mood combined with its impeccable service and exclusive tasting menus. The recipes have been passed down from earlier generations to the new generation. This means an elaborate feast with delectable Peranakan dishes will be served on long tables juts for you to enjoy.

2. The Blue Ginger

The Blue Ginger cheers both tourists and locals with its traditional Peranakan dishes. It has signature classics like Ayam Buah Keluak (black nut with chicken), Chap Chye (mixed vegetable stew), and Ngoh Hiang (spring rolls stuffed with minced pork and prawns). You would taste an authentic Peranakan food here. With the range of gravies and curries on offer here, you will have the best experience of your Singapore trip for sure.

3. Candlenut Kitchen


Candlenut Kitchen is a one-star Michelin restaurant located in colonial army barracks which has class and style with tradition as its landmark. The chef, Malcolm Lee, learned the Nyonya cooking from his mother while he was a young boy and now his knowledge has earned him a rapport. He has rediscovered the classic Peranakan dishes by transforming them into a modern twist, like the Candlenut Buah Keluak Fried Rice. Just fabulous and delicious.

4. Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant


Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant of Singapore is considered as the oldest Nyonya restaurant that serves some of the best Peranakan food. Established in 1953, the restaurant is also the favorite restaurant of the late former Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew. Nyonya signature dishes include sayur lodeh (vegetables in coconut curry), Ayam Buah Keluak and udang Assam pedas (prawns in a spicy tamarind sauce).

5. House of Peranakan Petit

Home-cooked Peranakan food is one of the finest dishes you can think of. House of Peranakan Petit offers a homely atmosphere to it Peranakan family dinners, where you can gather around a long table to chow down Grandma’s well-kept recipes.

6. True Blue Cuisine


True Blue Cuisine was initially a 100-year-old structure with all the furnishings of a bygone era. It features wooden tables, paper lanterns, and porcelain cutlery to take you to the time where wealthy Peranakan families gathered at the long table for a lavish Tok Panjang spread. You cannot have bad table manners here.


These are some of the most traditional heritage of Peranakan and Nyonya restaurants in Singapore that you must not miss out on visiting to complete your trip to this amazing country.

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