Three fabulous delicacies to enjoy at Mott 32 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Three fabulous delicacies to enjoy at Mott 32 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Mott 32 is a popular restaurant that is newly opened at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It is a Cantonese restaurant owned by Maximal Concepts and earlier had its presence at four wonderful locations that is Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul, and Vancouver. The first Mott 32 was opened in Hong Kong and the name comes from the address 32 Mott Street in New York City, the location of the first Chinese grocery store opened in 1851. The store served as the nucleus for what is now a vibrant Chinatown in one of the most dynamic cities in the world

In 2017, Mott 32 opened its first North American location at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver.  In January 2019, Mott 32 opened its Las Vegas restaurant at The Palazzo with “a menu that pulls from Cantonese, Szechuan, and Beijing cuisines, and incorporates the restaurant’s signature dishes.”In 2019 Mott 32 came to Marina Bay Sands Singapore and now soon will also have its branch in Bangkok.

Mott 32 Restaurant

Mott 32 at Marina Bay Sands

Mott 32 restaurant is known for and has won awards for its interior design, designed by Joyce Wang, the restaurants feature private dining rooms, Chinese vases, and Victorian chandeliers  It has won several awards including the Tatler 2015 Best Interior Design and Inside Awards 2014, World Interior of the Year Winner.

Three fabulous delicacies to enjoy at Mott 32 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

If you are wondering what Mott 32 will offer you at Marina Bay Sands Singapore then remember its base is traditional but tweaked Cantonese, with inclusions from other regions in China. Serving lunch and dinner here are the three fabulous delicacies to enjoy at Mott 32.

1. Signature dishes from Lee Man-Sing

Signature dishes from Lee Man-Sing

You can savor signature dishes from Lee Man Sing Maximal Concepts’ Group Executive Chef who held two Michelin stars in his previous role at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, will helm the kitchen – bringing with him over 35 years of culinary experience in Cantonese, Sze Chuan and Beijing cuisine, in themselves built on umami, spices and citrus. These flavor profiles captured so exquisitely in Mott 32’s signature dishes, get starring roles in the Apple wood-roasted Peking Duck, Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork glazed with yellow mountain honey, Smoked Black Cod, and Crispy Triple-cooked Wagyu Beef Short Ribs.

The Peking Duck, for one, is a consistent sell-out that’s carved in the style of the traditional, so-named ‘royal cut’. It’s then served alongside freshly steamed pancakes, cucumbers and scallions, fresh garlic sauce, raw cane sugar, and a moreish, house-made hoisin sauce.

2. Spiked Teas

Spiked Teas at Matt 32

You will find an indulgent mixology program with Cantonese influences. Joe’s Elixir is a heady yet bittersweet concoction of gin, chartreuse, blackberries, passionfruit, and ginseng, while On Leong Tea is a bold spin on osmanthus and oolong tea one that’s spiked with Denizen Rum and softened with notes of passionfruit and guava. At Mott 32 ingredients is of paramount importance as they embrace unique flavors discovered globally. Also, they use organic and sustainable ingredients

3. Dim Sum with other dishes

Dim Sum at Mott 32 Marina Bay Sands

Dim sum at Mott32 is an experience to be savored. Crave for Crab, caviar and more Iberico pork in their utterly flawless dumplings, the perfect combination of technology to render these xiao long bao absolute beauties.  Also, they serve brilliant fried rice with Maine lobster, mushrooms and broad beans. Finally, experience the dessert which is beautifully-plated soy sauce ice cream with fresh strawberries. Mott 32 chefs experience modern and innovative cooking techniques from around the world to create such dishes, which are principally Cantonese with some Beijing and Szechuan influences in their signature dishes.

The Mott 32 can be visited at B1-42-44, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore and has the seating capacity of 149 people.

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