8 Surprising Singapore Facts You Never Knew

Singapore is a land of surprises as every country has its own set of surprises. You will always find something intriguing about Singapore. It has recently been ranked as the expensive city to live. Today, I have listed some of the surprising facts of Singapore that most of you would not be aware of or never knew!

  1. National Anthem is printed on the back of the $1000 Note 

Do you know the national anthem of Singapore has found a place in the back side of the $1000 note? Although you don’t really see these big bucks often whenever you manage to get one $1000 do not forget to flip it and find the lyrics to the national anthem out there! It is a cool idea and displays a true patriotism.

2. Lion-less Lion City

It is an old story that Sang Nila Utama, a Srivijayan Prince from Palembang named the island Singapura by seeing a creature he thought to be a lion. Singapura means Lion City in Sanskrit but the reality is, there were no lions ever in Singapore. He might have seen some other creature resembling of lion, it could be a tiger as well. Which means the city of lions has never had any lion at all.

3. Biggest Yakult Bottles in Singapore

Usually Yakult bottles are always small but actually, the Yakult bottles in Singapore are the largest compared to its counter overseas, and obviously the most expensive also. Do you know Hong Kong has the largest Yakult bottle at 100ml?

4. ‘Hug Me’ Coca-Cola Machine

There is a “Hug Me” Coca-Cola Machine located at the National University of Singapore that dispenses a bottle of Coke when you hug the machine by wrapping your arms around the machine! That’s just so amazing and cool idea of getting a Coca Cola as a token of love!

5. Another David Beckham’s Family in Singapore

In reality, it is not David Beckham but there is a family that is quite similar to him and a legend in Singapore. It is Fandi Ahmad, who served as the captain of the Singapore National Football Team from 1993-1997. He also was the first person from Singapore to compete in Europe! Due to his phenomenal achievements, he becomes a national legend i.e. the David Beckham of Singapore.

6. Singaporeans are the Fastest Walkers on Earth

As per a research conducted by the British Council, Singaporeans are the fastest walkers on the planet. Do you know on average, a Singaporean walks a distance of 18 meters in 10.55 seconds? That’s approximately 6.15 km in an hour and 2 meters in a second!

7. Hawaii Five-O was filmed in Singapore

The international TV series Hawaii Five-O was filmed in Singapore. This was the episode ‘The Year of the Horse’ in Season 11. It’s amazing that Singapore has already started attracting lot of attention from international film fraternity.

8. There’s One More Singapore in the World


Is it? Singapore is not a single country and unique term anymore. Singapore is the name of Michigan’s famous ghost town as well. Today, the town is known for the Singapore Yacht Club which is situated at the edge of the town. The yacht club here’s called The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club!


These are some of the most startling facts about Singapore that would actually leave you surprised. If you are aware of some of all of the facts – you’re super patriotic Singaporean!

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