10 Delightful Singapore Cafes with No GST & Service Charge

We all have experienced this while visiting any bar or café in Singapore. You delightfully visit a club or café and order your extra charges in the form of service tax or GST. Not expected at all.

Here I have compiled a list of 10 cafes that charge neither service tax nor GST.

1. IWannaGetStuffed

This is a place where you can have some simple, yet hearty Italian food. You can head towards IWannaGetStuffed located in the neighborhood in Tampines. This place is known to offer great service without charging anything extra from you.

2. Windowsill In The Woods

This is yet another unique café, which offers some of the most delicious food also under $15 in Singapore. Here you can eat really amazing looking and incredible tasting sweet pies. You can also enjoy and be a part of this cafe which is adorably decorated. 

3. Lola’s Cafe

Lola Café is popular for its hearty brunch meal, which is a mix of Eggs Benedict on the menu and served on the weekend. Here you do not have to fork out extra for taxes!

4. Mean Bean and Wicked Grind

With a new menu every single week, Mean Bean and Wicked Grind (MBWG) is also another unique cafe without any service tax or GST. This café keeps things fresh by switching up suppliers. You would surely love to visit such places where people are dedicated to what they do!

5. Drury Lane

Drury Lane has nothing dreary about. In fact, the atmosphere here is cool and vibrant and it’s a great place to chill out with your friends after work. 

6. Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee is known for its top quality coffee.  In fact, the people at Assembly pride themselves on being part of the third wave coffee movement. This means they offer the finest of the coffee and it is so good that you will keep visiting it again and again.

7. Shoebox Canteen

Shoebox Canteen runs as a canteen by day and a bar by night. Located in the CBD area, you can hang out here in this place to enjoy food all day, in fact in two different times getting a whole new experience.

8. The Living Cafe

The Living Café is known for serving raw food. You can find a lot of the items on the menu aren’t heated above 48 degrees Celsius and the ingredients are organic and not processed or chemically altered. You will be happy to eat a meal at this cafe.

9. Flock Cafe

If you are fond of sandwiches and looking for another all-day breakfast place, Flock Café is the place for you. Here you will find comfortable space despite increased visitors as it is located close to Tiong Bahru.

10. Wheeler’s Yard

Wheeler’s Yard is a unique place as it is not only located in a warehouse, but it’s also the place that serves as a bicycle workshop. You could go here forever and come to know how amazing this place is where you can spend lots of time eating tasty food.


These are top 10 awesome and delightful Singapore cafes that do not charge any GST or service tax. So, friends, it is time to check out these cafes and make your day without paying much!

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