Where to Get the Best Coffee in Singapore

2 Check out Coffee Houses in Singapore

People have been drinking coffee since the middle of the 15th century. In the 600 years that people have been drinking coffee much has changed. The coffee bean is now cultivated in over 70 different countries. Millions of people feel that they need the cup of coffee to jumpstart their day or to pick them up when they are dragging. Many people enjoy the tastes of all of the different coffee.

One of the hardest this to get a coffee drinker to do is to agree on what the best coffee is. Everyone has their own opinion of what should be added to a coffee and what should not. While it may not be easy to get everyone to agree, it is still possible to talk about where you can find the best coffee. All around the world cafes, coffee houses and restaurants are serving up their versions of the black gold. In Singapore there are plenty of places to turn to and these are some of the best places to get coffee there.

  • Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee – Located in Little India, this used to be a hardware store that was turned into a 360 degree coffee bar. It still has the appearance of the hardware store, but the aroma of the coffee makes it seem very different. A popular choice here is the bottled cold brew coffee.
  • Jewel Café and Bar – Another Little India place, this café and bar has plenty of options for coffee including a unique cold drip manual brew Portland ice coffee. There are plenty of cocktails and some great food served here as well.
  • Jimmy Monkey – Visitors to this place found at one-north, Western Singapore will be able to see the first Slayer espresso machine. The $29,000 machine turns out some amazing cups of coffee that will be able to provide everyone with a shot in the arm of energy.
  • Cad Café – Visitors to the Kampong Glen area need to take in this coffee place. The offerings may sound fairly basic with choices such as espresso and the Americano, but the prices are fairly low. There are also some amazing pastries and a unique food menu to heighten the experience.
  • Oriole Coffee Roasters – This location found in the Tanjong Pagar area has its own roasting facility in addition to a research facility that is always looking for new beans to offer. They are always working to stay ahead of the curve when talking about the best coffee.
  • Department of Caffeine – This Everton Park establishment knows what people want from their coffee. They offer coffee and tea blends from the local area and are very reasonable priced.
  • Nylon n Coffee Roasters – This establishment located in Serengoon is mainly in the business of roasting coffee, but they also offer a small shop to buy cups of coffee. The best way to enjoy what they offer is by taking a cup of espresso on the go and then taking a walk around the rest of the facility.
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