Shoot slot

A Shooting Game is a two player shooting game that uses the console functions. The left “player” uses q to move up, a to move down, and s to shoot. the right “player” uses o to move up, l to move down, and k to shoot. You can shoot up to 2 bullets at a time.
The Shooter style includes compilations of games in the Shooter genre. A compilation is assigned to the Shooter style if the majority of its constituent games have a shooter-oriented focus, even if some of the included games are not individually assigned to the Shooter genre.

Matching with the sports theme, Microgaming has adopted the classic style of 5 reels and 50 paylines. As many readers would know, the reel to payline ratio of 0.1 plays out very nicely, since it offers many combinations that can compensate for the wagers.

Symbols of the game

Shoot slot game symbols

Football stars like Pele and Maradona are often seen as people being larger than the game itself – at times, even life. So, it makes sense that Microgaming has chosen to make these stars the faces of regular symbols in this slot. To see these legends shine on your screen, even combine together to make you richer is a surreal feeling to say the least.

Well, talking of being rich, the old adage of money attracts money comes promptly to our minds. So, knowing what you need to sow is important if you want to know what you stand to reap.

The wagers here are pretty simple, but still, you will have to bring your ace game to the show as handling 50 paylines can get a touch tricky. With the coin limit of 20 per line per spin (coins range between 1 cent and 10 cents), you can wager a maximum of $100 per spin.

Game Features

Shoot slot game features

The bigger picture, however, holds much more than mere arrangement of regular symbols. The solitary wild of the slot – the logo of the game – brings to you the ability to complete half-hearted combos. Five-of-a-kind wilds in ANY row trigger a straightforward, no-nonsense jackpot of $20,000.

To go with the wild, Microgaming has provided one scatter symbol here (a weird symbol with the word ‘BONUS’ depicted on it). Minimum of 3 scatters anywhere on the screen trigger a bonus round in which you can play the classic trump card game of football and win exciting cash prizes.

The best part about the bonus round is the fact that it can be clubbed with the base game if you want, or just played in isolation (as is more common). This allows you to retain your base winnings (however paltry they may be), while risking nothing at all in the bonus round.

Game Wins

If you lie in the common region of the Venn diagram of ‘football fans’ and ‘slot lovers’, Shoot will gratify you instantly. Its cool graphics devoid of oversimplification and over-CGI-wizardry make for a decent visual experience, while its good payout percentage means that you won’t be playing for sweet nothings after all. A cool all-out jackpot of $20,000 is right up there  as well.

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