The Hiphopopotamus game works much like any other three reel slots game, with the objective of the game being to match up three symbols in a row.
The Hiphopopotamus poker machine is a traditional fruit machine, seeing in pubs with Nudges & Hi-Lo functions. The Hiphopopotamus slot machine has many skill elements. Join the Hiphopopotamus adventure and have a lot of fun.

The game symbols

The game screen is literally full of details and more practical gameplay elements, all meshed together. The background shows various elements such as an anonymous brick wall, a DJ’s turntables and a bright pink hippo wearing golden jewellery – including knuckle rings.

On top of this somewhat messy background, you can still find the usual spinning reels, plenty of flashing bonus signs, a paytable and a command bar at the bottom. HipHopopotamus is surely full of humour, but the sheer amount of on-screen information is a little confusing.

Hiphoptamus slot

Winning combinations

All you have to work with is a simple 3-reel 1-payline matrix, the simplest you can get in a slot game. Landing valid symbol combinations on the central payline will trigger a specific cash prize, itself based on your initial bet. Use the command bar to adjust your wager, and remember that the more you bet, the more you can win in the long term. Click the spin button to let the reels spin loose.

Nudge or Hold

Each spin can randomly award either a nudge or a hold. A nudge is a little trick that allows players to move on reel forward ever so slightly, perhaps just enough to land a winning combination. On the other hand, use a hold to keep a specific reel into place for the next spin and add a little strategy to your game. Use these small bonuses wisely and you can easily increase your chances to hit the jackpot for no extra cost at all.

The paytable

The paytable of HipHopopotamus contains 9 different symbols in total, most of them related to the hip-hop universe of the game. Each symbol is shown on the paytable with a multiplier, corresponding to the scope of the cash reward you are entitled to.

The most common symbols are cherries, bar signs, sevens, spray paint cans and sport shoes. With rewards ranging from 2 to 16 times the value of your wager, you will need to score several combinations to really score a big win with these symbols.

The radios, microphones, dollar sign necklaces and game logos introduce much more interesting rewards into the game. The logos are worth 500 times your bet, for instance, but you will have to try hard to score a few combinations with them given how rare they can be on the reels. Fortunately, there are other ways to make money in HipHopopotamus.

Random features and bonus game

HipHopopotamus is an unpredictable game. The nudge and hold mini bonuses can be won at any time after a spin, and the game hides other similar features.

An unsuccessful spin can trigger the Shifta feature, for example. Once it occurs, a reel will be held in place while the others keep on spinning until you score a win. Alternatively, you might trigger the Funk You Up mini game, where your task is simply to click on a flashing sign to reveal a bonus prize.

If you manage to land three symbols with a little bonus sign attached to them, the hi/lo bonus game will start. Make your way through the board by guessing the next number and win several prizes such as cash rewards, nudges, holds and so on.

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