Pandemonium is a 1993 platform action game, where you choose to play as a sorceress named Nikki or as a joker named Fargus. The two characters and the puppet Sid attended a seminar for wizards.
Pandamonium is a 3 reel, single payline, and single coin slot machine with Pandamonium Pit bonus game, Reel bonus games, Nudge and Hold features. You can win up to a 2,000 coins and additional prizes in the Pandamonium Pit bonus game. Any win on the reels or the Reel bonus games activate the Pandamonium Pit bonus game which consists of a trail made up of twenty game positions.

Game Symbols

The Panda is in full on “rocker mode” with metal bracelets and red war paint in his eyes. He is even holding the guitar in a way that suggests he is rocking out to the fullest of his abilities. The framework of the reels is also studded out with a metallic “bling”. You can see the reels shine; as there are different parts that reflect that light back at you.

It isn’t just within the game’s overlay that it looks visually impressive, as there are other rocker symbols on the reels that should be familiar to any rock music fan. You can see bats, electric guitars of different sorts, and of course classic casino symbols such as cherries and oranges. Pandamonium captures the “rocker” theme perfectly and youlove it for that reason.

You can find the total balance on the bottom left of the screen, while the total bet and winnings are displayed to the right of the total balance bar. Underneath that, there are three buttons that you will use to help you win more, along with the spin button that is required to start the game.

pandamonium slot

Game Features

You will only spin the reel that has the guitar. This makes it more likely for you to land the winnings you want. There is also a nudge feature, which you can use to move the reel one slide down. Overall, these elements make big wins in Pandamonium that much easier to come by.

If all the above wasn’t enough, there is also a bonus game that can be activated when you land a set symbol combination, which is number related. Some symbols have a number attached to them and if your spin adds up to more than seven the bonus game starts. The game will take you to a separate reel that will award different prizes depending on where the wheel lands. You can use this strategically to earn more nudges and more cash prizes.

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