Magnificent Sevens

Magnificent seven slot

Magnificent Sevens is a 3-reel, 3-line Vegas-style slot machine game. This means there are three spinning reels from which to form your winning combinations. For every coin that you put in you enable another payline. When the reels stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each enabled payline.

Magnificent Seven is a game play online poker machines category as the devices in 20 bet lines with a maximum bet of 500 points per game.

About the game

The two gunmen stand to the left of the screen, the title which cuts through them looking much like the credits you’d find when watching a 1950’s Western. They stand in front of a desert landscape, with the blue sky dominating much of the screen. The reels appear much as they would if playing a mechanical game, the shadows perfectly creating the image of curved reels and the motion of the reels being faithful to the original fruit machines. To the right of the reels is the pay table and you’ll find the controls at the bottom of the screen.

Game Symbols

The sound found at this slot is the same as that found at the majority of the 3 reel slots by Saucify. This is the sound of a casino with people chatting and laughing as they play slots, the beeping of the machines and the sound of money being won adding to the authentic feel. Every time you spin, the reels will make a realistic clunking noise before they begin your journey – every win met by an electronic beeping.

Alongside the sevens, which are all gold in colour and patterned, you’ll also find a Marshal’s badge and a pouch of golden nuggets. You’ll also find the traditional three, two and one bar symbols found at slots throughout the years.

Stake at the game

This 3 reel slot by Saucify has 3 win lines, very straightforwardly the middle, top and bottom lines, these being lines one, two and three respectively. This is important to know because the top pay-out in the game comes on the third win line, which also means that you should always play all three lines (should you want to lower the expense of each spin, lower the coin value as opposed to the number of lines). This slot has an auto spin feature which you can set to 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins.

Wins at the game

You’ll gain the biggest wins when landing the seven symbol three times in a row. If this happens on line one, you’ll win 1,500 coins, line two pays out 3,000 coins and the biggest pay-out is for line three at 6,000 coins. The seven is also wild and will substitute for any other symbol, although you’ll not gain an added multiplier with this wild, as you do at some other games.

The pouch of gold coins wins you 500 coins for three in a row while the Marshall’s badge gives you a 300 coin win. The treble BAR symbol will win you 100 coins, while you’ll gain a 50 or 25 coin win for the double and the single BARs. Additionally you’ll also pick up a 5 coin win if any combination of the three bar symbols should appear on a win line.

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