Why NETS is the first choice of Singaporeans to fund their casino accounts even in 2019?

NETS payments Singapore

  • NETS is widely used
  • Enables payments from International credit cards
  • NETS Cards are Flexible
  • Many benefits of using NETS

When it comes to making a deposit with Singaporean dollars at online casino, Singaporeans always look for the easy and convenient mode of funding their online casino account to play slots and do sports betting. One of the most popular choice of Singapore punters is the NETS.  Founded in 1985 Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) which is Singaporean electronic payment service provider is owned by by DBS Bank, OCBC Bank and United Overseas Bank (UOB)

The NETS Group (comprising NETS, BCS and BCSIS) provides a full suite of payments and financial processing services including direct debit and credit payments at point-of-sale (NETS) and online (eNETS), mobile payments (NETSPay), card services (CashCard, FlashPay card), electronic funds transfer (FAST, Paynow, GIRO) and cheque processing services (CTS). NETS is also a member of the Asian Payment Network (APN) and a council member of UnionPay International.

NETS Cards are flexible to use

NETS enables payments from the most popular international credit cards as well as Internet banking payments from the largest Chinese and Singaporean banks. The ATM cards, issued by the associated banks could be effectively used to make NETS debit payments in Singapore.

1. NETS Cash Cards

NETS cash cards

NETS introduced the CashCard in 1995. The CashCard is a stored value card that is predominantly used as a payment mode for Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and car park charges since the introduction of the in-vehicle unit in 1997. CashCard can also be used for retail purchases.

The Contactless CashCard is available for purchase at the following locations:

  • NETS Online Sales Portalat $5 per card (not inclusive of stored value)
  • Convenience Stores (7-Eleven, Cheers and Caltex) at $10 per card (inclusive of $5 stored value)
  • VICOM at $10 per card (inclusive of $5 stored value)

2. vCash Cards

Vcash cards

NETS launched vCashCard in 2015 and this is a virtual wallet for road tolls payment that allows motorists to drive through Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries seamlessly. Road toll payments are automatically charged to their bank accounts or debit/credit cards. With NETS vCashCard, motorists do not need to worry about forgetting to insert a physical CashCard/FlashPay into the in-vehicle unit or having insufficient value in the CashCard/FlashPay and paying unnecessary ERP admin fees. Motorists can sign up for auto top-up service and view their ERP transactions at the vCashCard website or NETS vCashCard app from App Store or Google Play.

3. FlashPay Card

Flash Play NETS Cards

FlashPay card was launched in 2009 which is a multi-purpose contactless stored value smart card that can be used for a huge variety of quick payments at/on – MRT/LRT, public buses, taxis, ERP gantries (with the dual-mode in-vehicle unit), car parks (which have been upgraded to accept CEPAS-compliant cards) and 102,000 retail acceptance points island-wide.

In October 2010, NETS launched the Auto Top Up service for the NETS FlashPay card, allowing commuters to automatically top up the value on their cards to a predetermined amount (S$30, S$40 or S$50) when it runs low or when there is insufficient stored value on the card to make payment at all MRT and LRT stations, public buses, ERP gantries and EPS (upgraded) carparks.

Buy a NETS FlashPay Card conveniently from:

  • NETS Customer Service Centre
  • NETS FlashPay Online Store
  • TransitLink Ticket Offices
  • 7-Eleven stores
  • Buzz Pods
  • Changi Recommends
  • Cheers
  • FairPrice Xpress
  • Vicom
  • Star Mart at all Caltex Petrol Stations
  • Travelex Moneychangers at Changi Airport

Your debit/credit card may also come with a NETS FlashPay wallet, which you can activate and load. Look out for the NETS FlashPay logo at the back of your card. So the FlashPay cards are also offered by NETS and customers can make payments in all the NETS acceptance points.

To receive a NETS card, you simply need to open a deposit account with one of the participating banks and you will soon be able to manage your online deposits and purchases in a faster and more reliable way.

Singapore residents can make payments at about 85,000 points, including many restaurants and retailers. Instead of using the ATMs to withdraw cash, you can easily navigate your funds by simply entering your PIN at the terminal.

eNets Payments

Enets payments Singaore online casinos

The eNETS payment solutions allows the players at Singapore to make online payments with their credit or debit cards , however, the payments need to be made in the Singapore Dollar currency. Which means you can use this online payment mode at the online casinos that accept SGD. This useful service, offered by NETS allows you to make online casino deposits in a convenient way. For the purpose, you need to go to the payment page for eNETS banking options. After choosing the eNETS page that appears for the bank from which the transaction is made, eNETS redirects the customer to his or her bank account.

Enets Singapore

This way the onlinebank transfer is successfully carried out. Once the confirmation of the payment is made, both the recipient and the merchant are given a receipt of the transfer. All eNETS payments are free from extra charges but some banks still add some fees, whenever the customers use their internet banking system.

You even have the option to make your eNETS payments from a wide range of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or iPhones. But note that the availability of the mobile banking strongly depends on the associated bank. Transactions are carried out instantly and due to all the banking security standards.

Singapore deposists

eNETS enables payment from all major credit cards and currencies as well as Direct Debit (internet banking payments) from the major banks in Singapore and China, including DBS (Singapore and Hong Kong), UOB, OCBC, Citibank and BNU.

NETS Pay App

Nets Pay

NETSPay is a digital wallet app which was launched in 2017. It introduces two new payment options, NETS Contactless and NETS QR. NETS Contactless is supported on Android devices via NFC and HCE, and NETS QR is supported on Android & iOS devices via QR code.

ATM cardholders can digitise their bankcards with the app, replacing the debit card chip and PIN transaction at point-of-sale terminals that have been upgraded to accept contactless and QR code payments. Fingerprint ID or passcode authentication is required to access the app, with a user configurable session timeout. No PIN is required for transactions below $100. Contactless NETS ATM cards also launched in 2018.

How to make deposits at online casinos using NETS?

Nets Pay at online casinos Singapore

  • To play real money slots or casino games you need to make deposits at online casinos. To make deposit using NETS or one of its services is quite easy but only thing to remember is that you will need to make use of eNETS online payment option only.
  • After you have already opened the cashier page of the online casino, choose the eNETS deposit option or search for it under the section named “Instant banking”.
  • Enter the amount of money that you want to deposit and choose the bank that will transfer the funds by eNETS from your own bank account to the casino account.
  • The money will be instantly visible on the account and you will be able to start playing real money casino games or do sports betting right away.
  • Remember that when you use eNETS for making online casino deposits, you cannot withdraw money from the casino account and transfer them to your bank account. In case you have made your online casino deposit through NETS, you need to search for other option to withdraw the funds.
  • Also note that you must have a savings or current account with a valid bank account in one of the associated Singaporean banks.

Click here to visit the online casinos accepting eNETS

Benefits of using NETS as payment methods

Enets deposits at online casinos with Singapore dollars

  • NETS as a banking option at online casinos are safe and secure
  • Your funds are deposited with eNETS immediately at your casino account
  • Deposits made with NETS are absolutely anonymous and that all the sensitive information is never revealed to the recipient.
  • Also the eNETS payment can be made from mobile devices at any time or place, convenient to you.
  • You are not charged with any fees when they make the deposits for online casinos.

Only thing to remember is that you need to have a bank account at any of the Singaporean bank and you cannot make a withdraw your wins using this mode at online casinos.

If you still are not using eNETS then click here to join now.

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