The Blackjack Casino Rules in Singapore

Blackjack Singapore

Blackjack is one of the most popular games that is found in online and live casinos. It is a fairly basic game. The object of blackjack is to draw cards that total as close to 21 as possible. If the players hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, the player wins. While that may make the game sound very simple and easy to play, there are plenty of other rules that are involved. When playing blackjack in casinos in Singapore, one of the keys to winning is knowing the rules. That means a player has to know how the game is set up, how bets are placed and what special rules apply that can change the strategies of the players.

  • Single hand and multi-hand – It is possible in the live casinos to play more than one hand at a time, but there are many times when it may not be allowed. At the online casinos there are machines that allow people to play many hands at the same time. The amount of hands will vary, but some games allow for as many as 100 hands at the same time.
  • Single deck or multiple deck – Some of the blackjack games involve a single deck at a time. This means there are fewer cards and it is easier to pay attention to what cards may be left in the deck. Online versions that use a single deck may shuffle the deck after every hand. Multiple deck games can include as many as 8 decks at a time. This makes it harder to know what cards are left and can make the game more difficult to predict.

There are also different variations of blackjack that can be found at the Singapore casinos. Online casinos can offer 5 or 6 different blackjack games and some casinos now have a progressive jackpot. Another favorite at the online casinos is the live dealer blackjack. When playing these games, the players see a live dealer through a video streaming feed and the action is all in real time. The live casinos in Singapore also offer different versions of the blackjack games that include the classic game and BlackJack Lucky 8. Since each casinos version of the games is slightly different, it is important to check the rules of the game at the casino before playing.

Blackjack Singapore rules

There are some things that most blackjack games have in common. Decisions can be made that can change the amount a person is betting and that can offer them large payouts. Some of the options that can be considered when playing blackjack in Singapore include:

  • Insurance – When the dealer has an Ace facing up, a player can purchase insurance in case the dealer was dealt 21. This typically pays at 2:1 odds if the dealer does have blackjack.
  • Double down – A player who has a 9,10,11,12 can choose to double their bet. They will only be able to draw one card and they must have the higher hand to win.
  • Split – When a player is dealt two of the same cards, a pair, they can choose to split the cards and place a bet on two hands. The player is dealt more cards and can hit or stand on both of the hands. They can win both hands, one hand or neither hand.

The table limits are too high to start the game of Blackjack at real land Singapore casinos as the minimum bets for blackjack start at $25.

Popular Blackjack games at Singapore Casinos

The two most popular Blackjack games one can find at Singapore casinos is Blackjack Ace Race and BlackJack Lucky 8.

BlackJack Ace Race Singapore

Blackjack Ace Race

The game of Blackjack Ace Race is played using one to eight decks of cards, with each deck having 52 cards without Jokers. Blackjack Ace Race rules vary from those of traditional Blackjack and include a new additional side wager. The ‘Ace Race’ bet is an optional side bet that gives you the chance to win an additional bonus prize and can be placed in addition to your original wager.

The Rules of the Game

  • In the game of ’Blackjack Ace Race‘, a Player attempts to obtain a higher point total than the Dealer without exceeding 21.
  • You must first place a wager before receiving two cards and then decide whether to stand on those cards, take one or more additional cards, split, surrender, double, or place an insurance bet.
  • If the Dealer obtains Blackjack, all wagers from a doubled hand and/or split hand will lose.
  • You are permitted to stand on your own two cards.
  • You may elect to receive additional cards if your point total is less than 21.
  • A Player who obtains a Blackjack or a hard or soft total of 21 is not permitted to double or draw additional cards.
  • Except for a Pair bet, Ace Race bet and an Insurance bet, the outcome of the round of play is determined based on the point total of the Player’s hand compared to the point total of the Dealer’s hand.
  • When the subsequent deal to all Players’ hands has been completed, a Dealer shall draw additional card(s) to himself, provided that the Dealer always draws to soft 17 and stand on hard 17 points.

Surrender: After receiving their first two cards, Players have the option of surrendering their hand and forfeiting half of their wager. This option is not available if the Dealer’s first card is an Ace.

Pairs Bet: Prior to the cards being dealt and in addition to the original wager, a Player may also place:

  •  A ’Pair bet’ which will win if the first two cards dealt to the Player is a pair, even if the Dealer has a Blackjack.
  • An ’Ace Race bet’ which will win if the first two cards dealt to the Player is a pair of Aces, suited pair, coloured pair or mixed pair

Split (Splitting pairs): When the initial two cards dealt to a betting area are of the same face value, the Player may split the hand and receive additional cards on each of the hands that are split, provided that the wager on the second hand so formed is an amount equal to the original wager.

  •  A Player may not form more than four hands while splitting in any one betting area, in each round of play except that:
  • A Player splitting Aces can only split once and shall only have one card dealt to each Ace and cannot elect to receive additional cards.
  • If the Player elects to split Aces, he may place an additional wager for ‘Ace Race’ bet on either one or both split hands, prior to the subsequent deal.
  • A Player splitting Aces or cards of a point value of 10 shall not be capable of achieving a Blackjack.

Doubling Down: A Player may elect to double by wagering an amount equal to or less than his original wager (but not less than the table minimum) on:

  • The first two cards having a Hard Total of 10 or 11 only
  • The first two cards of any split pair having a Hard Total of 10 or 11 only.
  • Any doubled hand will receive one additional card only.
  • If the Dealer obtains a Blackjack, all wagers from the doubled hand/or split hands will lose.

Insurance: When the Dealer’s first card is an Ace, a Player may place an Insurance bet of not more than half the amount of the Player’s original wager, which will win if the Dealer’s second card has a value of ten.

Blackjack Lucky 8

Blackjack Lucky 8

This game has additional Blackjack side wager that’s easy to play, easy to win. “Lucky 8” Blackjack bet is an optional side bet that gives you the chance to win an additional bonus prize and can be placed in addition to you original wager or pair bet.

The Rules of the Game

  • Lucky 8 Bet” means an additional wager may be placed by a Player and wins if the following combinations of cards are dealt: – Any three card winning combination formed using the Player’s initial 2 cards and the Dealer’s initial card; or – Any two card winning combination formed using the Player’s initial 2 cards; or – Any two card winning combination formed using one of the Player’s initial 2 cards and the Dealer’s initial card.
  • If you are not dealt a hand according to the ‘Lucky 8” pay table, your ‘Lucky 8” bet will lose and is collected by the Dealer.
  • A “Lucky 8”bet will win based on the winning combinations as stipulated in the pay table, even if the Dealer has a Blackjack.
  • “Two of a Kind” means a winning “Lucky 8 Bet” containing two cards of the same point value or same court cards (Jack, Queen or King). Any combination with the card value of “8” is excluded and will be paid separately according to the “Lucky 8” pay table.

Remember that the rules of each casino can vary and some may allow these things to happen while others may not. Each casino can set their own rules and it is important to make sure you are aware of what is allowed before playing.

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