Where to Play Bingo in Singapore

bingo in Singapore

Bingo is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is something that is simple enough for kids to play and something that can be exciting for adults to enjoy. The feelings that you get waiting to hear that one number that you need to win at bingo, is hard to describe. It is also difficult to duplicate with any other game.

Bingo is a roller coaster ride. As you accumulate more numbers the excitement builds, but when you cannot complete the bingo, you start to fall down the hill and go through a bunch of twists and turns. In order to get on this roller coaster ride, you need to find places to play. In Singapore, you will have several different options to enjoy the game of bingo.

Casual Games

There are many originations and clubs that use bingo games as a fundraising tool. There are some places that hold these games on a regular basis, but many run the games as a special event. These games of bingo are more for the social fun of bingo rather than trying to win a big jackpot. The best place to find out about any places that are holding these casual bingo games is through local papers and bulletins that you can find.


The casinos are another place to play the game of bingo in Singapore. There are two casinos that can be found in Singapore. The Marina Bay sands resort and casino is one and the Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore is the other. At the casinos, players can find machines that allow them to play the bingo games at their pace. While there are also plenty of other machines to choose from, bingo enthusiasts will appreciate what these have to offer.

The casinos also offer good entertainment, great food and an atmosphere that is very exciting. The one thing that is not allowed in the casinos to play the game is children. This may make it a more attractive option for some people who want to play bingo in Singapore.

Online bingo

The best and easiest option to play bingo can be found at the online bingo sites. There are plenty of these bingo sites to choose from and most of them offer the game of bingo to their visitors. In order to play bingo at an internet bingo site a person must do several things.

  • Find an online bingo site – Winner bingo, Cyberbingo, Bet365bingo, BingoLiner and Bingo Hall are just a few off the websites that can be found. Many of the sites offer welcome bonuses that provide you with free money to play with.
  • Register with the site – In order to play at any of the sites you will have to register an account. The information that is gathered is fairly basic and the process does not take long to complete.
  • Fund the account – In order to play, you will have to deposit money into the account. There are usually several different forms of electronic payment that can be made and many of them are instantly credited to the account.
  • Play your games – Choose for the differ games that are offered at the bingo website and enjoy them
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