Finding the Casino Cruises in Singapore

Earlier, a few decades ago, casinos were not that common and casino cruises were negligible. In order to find a casino, a person would have to travel to that location where they were legal. But now the gambling scenario has changed altogether and several countries have taken the initiative to legalize gambling around the world.

Many Options of Casinos


Singapore is one such country where casinos are found easily. When most people look for a casino in Singapore they will limit themselves to one of the two land-based casinos that are operating or they may turn to one of the many different online casinos. Many people may think that these are the only options they have if they want to play the games at a casino.

The people that limit themselves are missing out on another way to get to play the games at a casino. In addition to the land-based and online casino, there are some cruise casinos also available and they can be found in Singapore. For many years, cruise ships were able to allow their passengers to gamble when they were in the open international waters. They would not let people gamble until they were in the open waters and they would stop the gambling as they headed into a port. Gambling is just another reason that a person can enjoy a cruise.

Options of Casino Cruise in Singapore

Casino cruises are not new to Singapore. They have been struggling since the 2 land-based casino resorts opened back in 2010, but people are beginning to rediscover what are the options that they should consider.

Casino cruises can be found around Singapore. The most popular one is Star Cruise Casino Singapore!

Star Cruise Casino Singapore

Star Cruises is a subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong which is a leading global leisure, entertainment, and hospitality company. It is a huge company in the Asia Pacific cruise industry and it has been operating its fleet since 1993. It is known to take the bold initiative of growing the region as an international cruise destination offering a large fleet of six vessels including SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Aquarius, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Gemini, Star Pisces and, The Taipan.

Star Cruises’ dedication to offering world-class services and facilities can be witnessed in a host of recognitions and accolades received over the past few years. These include its induction into the prestigious Travel Trade Gazette’s “Travel Hall of Fame” for a ninth year in 2016 in recognition of bagging “Best Cruise Operator in the Asia-Pacific” for 10 consecutive years. This cruise has recently been voted “Asia’s Leading Cruise Line” at the World Travel Awards for the fifth year in a row in 2016.

There are some other names also that have its name listed in the roster of casino cruise in Singapore which include Ocean Grand Cruise Casino Singapore and Casino Star Cruise Virgo Singapore.

Why take a Casino Cruise

There are several reasons for considering opting out for a casino cruise in Singapore.

  1. No Entrance fee – You do not have to shell out few bucks to get entry into this casinos resort or else you have to pay few dollars as entry fees in land-based casino resorts. That is not the case for lido casino.
  2. The minimum bet for table games is $2 – At the big casinos, minimum bets are $25 for the table games. The Casino cruises in Singapore offers a more affordable gambling option.
  3. Overnight stays and VIP parties are available – This allows people to enjoy their time on the casino cruise even more.
  4. Getting to the cruises is fairly easy – You can reach some of the casino cruise taking a relatively short ferry ride. Once arriving at the casino cruise you need to show the proper documents so they can board the ship.

A casino cruise may not be for everyone. It also may not have the bells and whistles that are found at the resort casinos. That does not mean it does not offer any advantages. It is very popular with the elderly in Singapore and Malaysia due to the lower costs associated with gambling on a casino cruise. The only way to find out for sure if it is for you is to give it a try. So, would you check it out?

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