Beginners guide to Play Pai Gow Poker

Learning how to play pai gow poker is quite easy. With the information on this page, Every Singaporean casino player can quickly learn how to play pai gow poker. We will help you get to know how to play it and get you playing in no time. Here is the Beginners guide to Play Pai Gow Poker.

And here’s a secret to learning as fast as possible. Get the game installed and running while you go through this information, and follow along to get a real feel for this popular card game.

How to play

How to play
How to play

The first thing you’ll find while learning how to play pai gow poker is; the reason that it is also sometimes termed as double-handed poker. Both you and the dealer are dealt seven cards; and the ranking of the cards and hands is identical to traditional poker, but this is where the similarities end.

Now, you should divide your cards into two separate hands. One with five cards and the other with the remaining two. As the dealer’s cards are dealt face-down; you don’t yet know what you’re up against; but when you see how to play pai gow poker; you will have the opportunity to switch your cards around into the best-scoring hands possible.

The entire idea with this type of poker is to make the two best hands possible. The only rule being that the two-card hand cannot beat the five-card hand. This is where the “highest” and “second-highest” places of the table come into play. Usually, these hands are termed as the front and the backhands; the back (five-card hand) being set out closest to you, or behind the second highest.

Yet another thing about how to play pai gow poker is, there is only one chance to place a bet. You did not get any chance to better your hand once you’ve arranged the front and backhands.

When you are learning how to play pai gow poker, you will fast learn how the different game controls functions. To start a game, first, you click the “New Game” button. This causes it to change into a “Deal” button, but before you start the card deal, you need to place your bet.

This is quite a simple process since there is only one bet to make, similar to playing a hand of Blackjack. You just have to click on the chosen chip amount and it will appear in the “Bet” area of the table. If you wish to bet a multiple of the chip amount, just click the chip amount as many times as you want to multiply your bet amount by.

Pai gow poker tips for beginners

Pai gow poker tips for
Pai gow poker tips for

If you are learning how to play pai gow poker for the first time; you may plan to change your bet. All you have to do is click on “Clear Bets”; which will cancel your current bet giving you the chance to start over. If you are happy with the amount of your wager; you make then click on the “Deal” button, which starts the dealing process.

Once you have to deal the cards, you will notice that the “Deal” button now says “House Way”. By hitting this button; the software will arrange your cards for you, in a way that gives you the best possible hand. It arranges your hands according to the same rules that the dealer (the House) must use when arranging their hand.

Just keep in mind that you need not hit the House Way button. You may wish to arrange your hands in your way; remembering to ensure that the front hand does not out-rank the backhand. If you make a mistake in this process; you will be prompted by the software that you cannot arrange your hands in this way.

Using the House Way button is a great way to start learning – how to play pai gow poker as you can see how the software arranges your hands, and learn from that. Once your hand is arranged; simply click “Done”, and the dealer’s hands are revealed, and the outcome of your bet is shown.


We hope that you’ll decide to download and play the pai gow poker game available here. You will find much more information and experience along the way; and don’t forget that there are many other pages containing information on other aspects of the game. Once you’ve mastered it; you’ll feel comfortable switching over to real money play, and switch to the road to big casino winnings. This is the Beginners guide to Play Pai Gow Poker.

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