9 Apps Every Asian Girl Must Have

Teenage girls around the world are not very different. They often tend to worry about the same things no matter where they are from. They think about boys and they worry about how their hair looks. One thing that almost all teenage girls have in common is their reliance on their smartphones. It almost seems like it is now a rule that every teenage girl must have her phone in her hand at all times of the day.

There are many reasons that girls need to have their phones on them at all times. They need to be able to talk, tweet and instant message their friends with everything that is happening in their life. In order to be able to do this, it is important to have the right apps on the phone. There are 9 apps that every teenage girl must have no matter where they are from.

  1. Keeper – This app stores the passwords and usernames for the user. It keeps them safe and secure and means that no one else will be able to hack into different accounts and destroy the reputation of a teenage girl by posting things that are mean.
  2. Instagram – This app allows people to hashtag everything they do. It also allows them to send pictures of what is going on at any instant in their life and allows teenagers to communicate at any time of the day or night.
  3. Mathway – This is an app that will help a teenage girl as she is struggling with a math problem. It can help with almost any type of math and is always ready.
  4. Vine – A social media app that allows users to send 6 second videos to people around the world. There is a lot that can be said in 6 seconds.
  5. Snapchat – This app allows teenage girls to send messages, photos and videos to others through social media. What makes it different is whatever is sent is deleted a short time after it is posted. Users need to be aware that nothing that is posted online is ever truly deleted.
  6. Whisper – Keeping a secret is a tough thing for a teenage girl to do. Whisper allows them to post secrets anonymously. It also allows them to read the secrets that others have posted.
  7. Wi-Fi Finder – The key to using a smartphone is having a connection to the internet. In order to limit the amount of data that is used on a phone, it is better to find a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used instead. This app allows the user to find the hotspot they need to stay connected at all times.
  8. Wanelo – Besides using a phone the second most important thing for a teenage girl is shopping. When a trip to the mall is not possible, this app allows a teenage girl to check out hundreds of stores and shop to their hearts content.
  9. Dreamboard – Every teenage girl has dreams. This app allows them to record their dreams and helps them remember what they are dreaming of. It also provides plenty of information about the dreams the girl has.
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