7 Mobile Apps To Play Casino Craps

7 mobile Apps to play Cas

There are many Singapore friendly Apps to play Craps for free or with real SGD or Bitcoins. Craps is an exciting classic online casino game where you bet on the outcome of a roll, or multiple rolls, of a pair of dice. This shows it is a dice game of chance and played for the excitement and anticipation of the roll. It’s considered one of the most popular casino games in terms of the variety of bets available, and due to the small house edge which is a slender 1.41%.

You can play online craps at online casinos of your choice or with mobile Apps to play Casino Craps and experience one of the most exhilarating Craps game, streamed in HD to your desktop or to your mobile through casino app or directly on your web or mobile browser.

The game of craps is simple, which is why there aren’t many online variants of the game, unlike most other casino games.

The Rules to play casino Craps

Rules to play craps online

Rules to play casino craps are simple to understand. The game is played with a pair of standard six-sided dice, you bet on the outcome of the roll. The game is played in rounds, and players place their bets on various parts of the table. Each part of the table signifies a different bet, and a win or loss is determined by the outcome of the shooter’s roll.

If playing the shooter, you’re required at minimum to place a ‘pass’ or ‘don’t pass’ bet. Your first roll is known as the ‘come out roll’.

If the come out roll is a 7 or 11, the bets placed on the pass line win, and therefore bets placed on the don’t pass line lose, and that’s the end of the round. If the come out roll is 2, 3 or 12 then the win goes to the don’t pass line, and the pass line loses.

Should the shooter roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 on the come out roll, then the number rolled becomes the ‘point’. The shooter then continues to roll until they get the point number, or if they roll a 7.

Rolling a 7 signifies a don’t pass line win, and pass line loss, while rolling the point number results in the opposite.

Once the shooter is out, the next player takes over and the round starts again.

Types of Bets at casino craps

The major types of bets at online craps games are as follows:

Place bet: A place bet is when you bet on rolling the number of your choice, before the 7 is rolled.

Field bet: This bet is a one-roll bet, where you’re betting on the outcome of the next roll only.

Pass bet: This bet is one of the most common bets in the game, as well as a defined favourite. With the house edge standing at only 1.41% it’s considered one of the best casino bets in all casino games.

The bet is made on the shooter’s come out roll. If they roll a 7 or 11, then you win the bet. However, if they roll a 2, 3 or 12 then you lose the bet. If the round continues and the shooter rolls the point number before a 7, then the pass bet wins. If a 7 is first, the pass bet loses.

Don’t pass bet: This bet is the exact opposite of the pass bet, except you’re now betting on the shooter losing. If a 2 or a 3 is rolled then you win the bet, but you’ll lose if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11. If the round continues, the shooter will need to roll a 7 before the point number for you to win the bet.

Come bet: The come bet is essentially the same as a pass bet except you can place it while the round is in progress, and after the point number has been established. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, the bet wins, or if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, then the bet is lost. If the round continues, the shooter will have to roll the come bet point number before the 7 which will win you the bet.

Don’t come bet: The don’t come bet is the exact opposite of the come bet, and can also be made while the round is in progress. If the shooter rolls a 2 or a 3 then you win, and if they roll a 7 or 11 you lose. If a 7 is rolled before rolling the point number once it has been established, then you win.

Bonuses to Grab when playing casino craps with mobile Apps

Bonuses to play casino craps

While playing casino Craps you should take advantage of all the casino bonuses. There are different bonuses and promotions which will enable you to make bigger profits. This is a game which offers serious payouts if you manage to get it done right.

Also there are bonus offers and other promotions involved to play Craps which add to your bankroll. Also it’s your choice to play first for free and have fun to understand the game or play with real SGD or BTC.

7 mobile Apps to Play Casino Craps

Rich Casino

Rich casino 750% Bonus

Rich casino is available for punters as online site to play online casino craps  games from the top rated gaming provider Betsoft, Rival, Pragmatic Play, Vig and Parlay Entertainment. You can play instant craps games without any download which are even compatible for mobile players. The casino is legit to play as is regulated by Curacao eGaming. When you join for the first time you get 25 free spins and when you make your first deposit at the casino your deposit amount is tripled with 200% match bonus.

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7 reels

7 Reels Casino Singapore

7 reels casino is another friendly online site to play online casino craps. This online casino is legit to play and is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao.  When you join here as a new player you get 25 free spins on pokies and welcome package to play further at the casino where you triple your first deposit with a 200% in five match deposits.

The games are powered by Rival, Betsoft, Visionary iGaming and Pariplay software gaming companies and you can play with real dollars or BTC.

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Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas online casino

Royal casino is the online site that offers you free money to play  the game of craps as well as hundreds of online pokies. When you join casino you get $1200 deposit bonus straight away for you to play casino games of your choice. Moreover it friendly and you can make a deposit with even Bitcoins or real SGD to play real money games. You can play casino games instantly without any download, on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Android or iOS mobile. The casino is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao making it a legit casino to play casino games of your choice.

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888 Tiger


888 Tiger is another Singapore friendly app with the positive energy from the Tiger in games bringing you the determination and confidence you deserve. There are over 180 lucky games that you can play including slots, table games such as Craps, BlackJack, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Roulette and other games you can only find at 888Tiger Casino.

If you have a passion for slots, they offer you +100 slot games with all kind of bonuses and free spins carefully designed to bring you the excitement and good fortune!

The casino games are available to play Instantly (in your browser) or Download it for free. If you prefer to play anywhere, their games are also compatible with any mobile device.

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Sloto Cash

Slotocash casino singapore play

Slotocash casino is another awesome app to play craps in a friendly environment. As a new player when you sign up with your mobile to play craps you are offered $7777 welcome bonus. There are over 170 slot games to choose alongwith many featured Games, Slots, Video Poker, Specialty Games and Table Games including craps. These are all presented at the top of the main page for easy navigation.

Slot’o Cash also churns out tournaments on a daily basis on free entry basis or on a minimal entry fee of $0.05

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Finally remember that all these online sites or casinos are legit to play, offer great games including pokies, table games, live casino and other games to play instantly without any download. Also you can play in real SGD or Bitcoins at these online sites and make a friendly deposit with lots of payment modes that you are familiar with. In case you face any issue or want any clarification about the game, bonuses or wins, these online casinos offer 24/7 help support too via live chat, email and phone.

If you to opt to play for free then there are many mobile apps to play Casino Craps to download and play for free. Even online casinos also offer free casino Crap games to enjoy with mobile or PC.

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