6 Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

You can find good food everywhere in Singapore even if you are a pure vegetarian. Here I have listed some of the most popular and relishing vegetarian restaurants in Singapore for delicious creations that can easily satisfy any non-carnivore!

1. Pollen


It is a gorgeous Mediterranean-influenced, modern European restaurant you can find in the center of the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. You can dine amid the lush vegetation such as olive and fig trees.

The executive chef Steve Allen of Pollen offers meat-free dished in his special, ever-changing vegetarian menu, featuring delicacies like kale salad and pickled beetroots with chestnut yogurt. 

Once you have dined you get to access the Flower Dome for free and explore the garden that is kept at under 20 degrees Celcius featuring a colorful plethora of exotic flora.

2. VeganBurg


If you think fast food is all about meat, meat, and more meat, think again! As this is not the case with VeganBurg. Here you can find amazing plant-based menu bathes in the limelight.

You will find here the “Cracked Mayo” (soya patty slathered in egg and dairy-free mayonnaise) and the “Smoky BBQ” (mushroom patty with barbeque sauce). You can also have the “Char-Grilled Satay” dish, with a soy patty covered in a spice and herb-rich satay (grilled meat skewers) sauce to add the local taste. You will also find, sides like spinach pops and smoked franks.

3. Whole Earth

Whole Earth
Whole Earth

Whole Earth is regarded as Singapore’s first and only Thai-Peranakan vegetarian restaurant, which offers perfectly made sour-spicy dishes that blends the likes of the two main culinary influences.

You can get to have here the creatively recreate classic, meat-heavy Peranakan and Thai dishes as vegetarian-friendly substitutes like kong bah (braised pork belly) filled with mushrooms, and sweet and sour pork having soy and pineapple chunks.

4. Original Sin

Original Sin
Original Sin

Original Sin is a Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant which has been serving around for almost 15 years, maintaining its quality creations consistently all these years.

The menu includes the “Magic Mushroom” (baked portobello mushroom with ricotta cheese, pesto, and spinach, coupled with tomato basil sauce and mozzarella) and the vegetable tandoori (a blend of chargrilled eggplant, mushrooms, onions, capsicum, and tofu marinated in tandoori spices). It is accompanied by rice, yogurt, and mango chutney. You can also grab sweet dishes like apple crumble and heady tiramisu in case you have a sweet tooth.

5. Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant
Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant is always equipped with mouth-watering, meat-free options for its vegetarian visitors. Here you’ll get plenty of iconic local dishes made of lots of tofu and soya, from chicken rice and wanton (dumpling) mee to laksa (spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup) and soup kambing (mutton soup).

6. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR)

This foot joint serves up authentic south Indian cuisine since 1924. MTR is great for a guilt-free yet fulfilling food that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Although the menu is not comprehensive, wherever you pick will be of worth.

You can choose from bisibele bhath (rice delicacy coupled with lentils and assorted vegetables), served with raitha (a condiment made from curds, onions, and ghee) and poori (unleavened deep-fried thin bread), which comes with spiced potato curry and chutney.


Even if you are a pure vegetarian you do not have to worry about having the food of your choice in Singapore! There are more than enough options out there to look for!

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