5 Free or Cheap Things you can Enjoy in Singapore

Singapore is not exactly the cheapest tourist destination for anyone, still, you could enjoy a few things that are cheap or free which you may not find in any other neighboring countries! Those cheap things might include:


If you‘re out on a tour of South East Asia and have already visited Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia, you probably have spent a huge amount of money buying packed water bottles. But in Singapore, you do not require to spend a single penny buying packed water because you can use and drink the tap water here by refilling your own bottle and keep your personal water bottle to practice this exercise frequently.

Here the tap water is absolutely safe and free to use, which you might not find elsewhere in most of the countries. Instead, you would have spent a long of money answering your thrust elsewhere as most of the place the tap water is not safe to drink and it may contain a lot of minerals, chemicals or other elements.

In addition, you do not have to search for the tap water as most of the eateries will be delighted to do this favor for you by filling up your bottle for you when you leave. Even if all options fail, you can always visit a shopping mall toilet to refill your bottle.

You can also fill the bottle from public drinking fountains in all major tourist areas like the Singapore Zoo, Changi Airport, Botanic Gardens etc.


In Singapore, you do not need to spend money on coffee to use the WiFi there. Here a coffee is a lot more expensive than in other Southern Asia places. Here you can find WiFi easily and do not have to spend for coffee to get it if you just want to check your email or facebook newsfeed.

The Wifi Company Wireless@SG network offers hotspots in every major spot all over the island and is free to use. You may take help of someone to learn how to log in to the network here. These hotspots can be found in all primary places like Chinatown Complex, MRT station platforms, Geylang Serai Market, McDonald’s restaurants (no need to enter the outlet to use it) and shopping malls.


The Singapore Zoo, ArtScience Museum, and Universal Studios have always been a must-visit destination for most of the foreign visitors but it may not come affordable if you are on a budget tour. Adult tickets to the zoo can cost $33, while the ticket to USS may ask to shell out $76 for each adult. It is actually at a higher end. Similarly, if you wish to visit the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, get ready to spend $38 for an all-access ticket.

If the prices of these destinations are somewhat at the higher-end for you better to drop the idea of visiting these places and have a stroll of the other local attractions. There are many attractive yet free sights to visit instead.

You may visit Singapore’s religious buildings, the most attractive and eye-popping multi-storey Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Sri Mariamman temple. All these are located close to the Chinatown and are absolutely free to visit.

In addition, if you want to have some outdoorsy experience, plan to visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Botanic Gardens, tropical island Pulau Ubin, and the futuristic Gardens by the Bay. All these are free to visit, you just need to spend $3 for a return boat ride to Pulau Ubin.

Some other memorable and free experiences may include the HSBC Tree Top Walk and Henderson Waves, which is an iconic waving bridge that gives killer views. You can also catch up with some amazing views atop Marina Bay Sands that too free. Have a dinner at the rooftop bar Cé La Vi at a night where there’s no cover charge, and you can also enjoy sweeping views without entering the bar.


Do you know if you choose to visit museums on Friday evenings (7 and 9 pm) you will have to pay only half the entry price? It is widely applicable to most of the National Heritage Board Museums which includes Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum, Peranakan Museum and Asian Civilisations Museum. If you happen to be a student or a senior, you can also get an addition 50% off. You just need to pay $2 if you are a student on Friday after 7 pm which is considered reasonable.



Usually, Singapore has a hot climate in which you can experience the moment you step out of the airport. But the cost of alcohol in Singapore is amazingly high.

Instead, you can visit the hawker centers as these places are not only great to spend time but also are known to offer budget food, and are considered as one of the cheapest places to drink in Singapore. You will find a drink stall at every hawker center, selling big bottles of Tiger Beer and Heineken, which are served with a bucket of ice. Moreover, you do not bother about their establishment’s dress code, as no one is going to look at you so feel free to have your share of food and drink at a reasonable rate.

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