3 Ways You can Save Money using Smartphone

You would probably have spent hundreds and often over a thousand dollars on your smartphone. It’s time to reap the benefits.  Do you know your smartphone can actually play a prominent role in saving money and managing your budget and spend less? Below are four ways that you can save money and manage your everyday finance using your smartphone.

  1. Download a Budgeting App to Monitor your Expenses

It is always beneficial to have a budgeting app. If you haven’t yet installed, you’re missing out. This can be your biggest saviour when it comes to saving big and managing your budget. We all overspend often and this app will help you stay away from it. Whenever you spend money on something, you need to put an entry of the amount you spend and what you spent on into the app. It will keep track of how much you spent in which head. You can use the super basic Expense Manager for this purpose.

Using the calendar feature of your device to ensure you don’t end up spending money because of time constraints.

Everyone’s life in Singapore is quite fast-paced, busy and less organized. It may end up spending money, whether you’re going to an appointment in a cab as you took time to decide how to go, what to wear etc. because you slept late last night and was exhausted.

Most of these situations arise due to bad planning or wrong decision. It’s time to schedule Google Calendar reminders and let them go off as alarms on your mobile so that you can avoid these expensive mistakes that end up spending more. For example, in case you have to attend a meeting,  set a reminder to tell you when you have to prepare it for so you don’t end up being late and hiring a cab.

All the issue that comes up due to lack of time or forgetfulness and end up spending more can be checked and avoided just by managed just by setting a reminder on your calendar.

2. Compare Prices on your Smartphone When Buying Something

A few years ago this type of awareness and luxury was not available. You were not in a position to compare and select the best fit suiting your budget and need. Today when you plan to buy a Gameboy at Lucky Plaza, you have several other options on the market that you can compare and make the right decision. This helps save money by offering an idea of what the going rate was, by displaying several shops, outlets and price tags. Today you can make a more educated and informed decision using your smartphone and save money. You can use Price Me or Price Panda to compare prices prior to buying any article that cost decently.

3. Sell your Unwanted Material on Carousell

Earlier the possibilities of online selling were limited and a few years back people used to rely upon Yahoo Auctions and eBay was the only other credible platform to sell second-hand items. Today with the evolving technology and changing preference of the buyers there are several online mobile apps that can help you sell your stuff easily in less time. Carousell is a mobile app that allows you to snap a pic of your article using your device and immediately upload it to the product’s online marketplace. Technology has made selling unwanted belongings easily quite ridiculously.

The process of buying has also become quite easy and faster for the buyer. You just have to wait for the right buyer to confirm a sale, provide them your bank account details and wait for the money to get credited to your bank and then sell out the item. You can also meet up the buyer at a time and place of your choosing.


This is how today different apps are available for you or you can download those apps, which can actually help you manage your budget and help spend less avoiding unnecessary purchases.

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