Win Spinner

Win Spinner slot

Win Spinner is a straight up classic 3-reel slot machine from Microgaming which takes after those good old AWP style fruit machines. This means that the gameplay and graphics are fairly primitive compared to some other slot machines out there

Symbols and rewards

Win Spinner slot game

Win Spinner is an arcade style game which has 3 reels and only 1 payline and this slot doesn’t actually award cash prizes when a three matching symbols line up on the game’s single payline. Here is how it win spin rewards work:

  • 3 cherry symbols = 1 WinSpin
  • 3 lemon symbols = 2 WinSpins
  • 3 orange symbols = 3 WinSpins
  • 3 plum symbols = 5 WinSpins
  • 3 bell symbols = 10 WinSpins
  • 3 Melon symbols = 15 WinSpins
  • 3 Coin symbols = 25 WinSpins

It is during these free spins that you will have a chance to win cash value prizes. The WinSpins bonus round takes place on a different game screen which brings into play a different set of 3 reels, this time with 5 paylines.

These WinSpin symbols is where the money is at, giving players a chance to win up to 500x their bet amount. The symbols on these reels evoke the glitz and glam of a luxury millionaire’s lifestyle. You will find  magnums of champagne, wads of cash, spectacular speedboats, Ferraris, private jets and massive mansions. At least you will be able to get some ideas of what you can buy if you hit the big money with this slot machine!

Win Spin features

Win Spinner slot game symbols

This slot machine was designed to emulate classic AWP style pub fruit machines. You will have to get accustomed to a number of extra features that they won’t find elsewhere on normal online slot machines, such the nudge and hold buttons.

The nudge button gives the machine a little bump to move the reels along to a winning combination. Nudges will be offered at random and you can win up to 4 per spin. If you do win some nudges, you can use the “sneak peak arrows” to have a sly gander at the next two symbols on the reels for winning chances. If you don’t fancy the chances of your nudges on one spin, then you can save them for another spin with the Nudge Bank Held feature. You can even replay your nudges with the Nudge Repeat feature or gamble for more nudges with the Gamble Nudge button.

Players can also use the slot machine’s “hold” feature. The hold button stops one of the reels from moving on the next spin. This means that you’ll only have to get two of the held symbol to receive a winning combo. More extra features this game just keep on giving with even more extra features, such as the Shifta and Let’em Spin bonus rounds.

The first of these features is only awarded after a spin which doesn’t return any winning combination. It will turn that unlucky spin into a lucky one by holding one reel and shifting the other two until a winning combination is reached.

The Let’em Spin feature is triggered randomly whenever two matching symbols are displayed on the pay line following a round of nudges. This allows players to spin the reels for a random winning combination.

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