Wild Champions

Wild champions

Wild Champions is a scratch card game offered at many Microgaming online casino. Like any of Microgaming’s games, Wild Champions has some great graphics, smooth animation and an awesome sound theme.

The winning amount in a Wild Champions scratch card game is determined based on the symbol revealed. The payout table of the game is presented in a payout table that is displayed on the screen. The prize is a result of the price of the ticket multiplied by the multiplier amount.

About the game

Wild Champions is an instant win game with amazing payouts.So get ready to uncover the prizes hidden in this slot by clicking the play button for big wins.

Unlike the slot, this instant win game allows players to match at least 3 symbols on the game display to win a prize. The animals in the slot have suited up for the race and they complement the game’s theme perfectly.It is an animal themed game with awesome payouts. The left side of the game is a paytable which will guide you through the different multipliers in the slot. There is also a soundtrack which will keep you company when playing this game.

The game paylines

Wild champrions scratch

In Wild Champions you will not find any definitive paylines. However, there are multipliers which will give you multiple opportunities of winning big with each game. You have to match at least 3 symbols in the game to receive a payout.Watch out for the monkey as this is the best symbol in the slot. Matching 3 of these symbols will award a 250x multiplier to your total bet.

The bonus game

Wild champions game3

While the game is exciting to play, you will not find any substantive bonus features such as wilds, scatter symbols or bonus games. Instead, you will only find a multiplier which is used to calculate your win.You have to match 3 symbols on the scratch pad to receive a payout. If you are lucky, you can win up to 250X your total bet on a single game. It is important to note that wins are calculated by multiplying the multiplier with your total stake.Apart from the multiplier, there is no other bonus feature and players have to be satisfied playing the base game. This game is recommended for players who love to take a break from playing regular casino games. Wild Champions will give you the exhilarating experience as a slot as you will be betting and hoping for the big win.The prize is a wonderful incentive and will get you hooked on the game.

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