Track And FieldMouse

Track and field mouse slot

Track and Fieldmouse is one the latest fruit machine games to be released by 32Red. Billed as 3 games in 1, it’s sure to provide endless entertainment, but it’s the win spin based fruit machine engine that has the fruit machine casino team excited. Renowned for packing hefty jackpots and frequent wins, these games are by far our favourite fruit machine games.

About the game

Track & Field Mouse is a video slot game designed by Microgaming starring a bunch of athletic mice training for the biggest international sports competition. Your task is to help them up their game and spin the reels to make sure that all the right symbols end up in all the right places to trigger big wins and a very special bonus feature.

Game Symbols

Track and field mouse slot game

Track & Field Mouse takes place in the only logical location for such a game: a packed Olympic stadium somewhere on the planet.The seats are all occupied and you can catch a glimpse of the cheering crowd in the background of the game. The reels, paytable and bonus displays occupy a lot of the game screen, but you can still see the team of mice competing for the gold.

The game matrix is a 3-reel setup, simple and efficient, with a single payline right in the middle. Your task is to try and line up winning combinations of reel symbols onto that payline to trigger cash rewards. All you need to do before you start spinning the reels is use the command bar at the bottom of the game screen and adjust your wager for your next turn.

You will get several chances during the game to win special moves call nudges. A nudge allows you to target a specific reel and give it a gentle push to make it move forward. Use these nudges wisely and you might turn the odds in your favour and score more wins without having to spin the reels and place another bet at all.

Track and field mouse slot game features

The Paytable

Athletes need to be in perfect physical condition before they compete on the international stage, and mice are visibly no exception to that rule. In Track And Field Mouse, the basic reel set does no award cash directly but “winspins”, that is to say that you will be transported to a separate 3×5 reel set after a win and then the real competition will begin.

The paytable of Track & Field Mouse is mostly made up of sugar and vitamin-rich fruits. The most common reel symbols are cherries, lemons and oranges. Try to get as many combinations of these as you can and you will be able to score wins up to 10 winspins.

The gold bars, prunes, watermelons and mice icons are rarer during the game and also more valuable. A combination with mice is worth 50 winspins on its own. This double gameplay is a little different from most slot games on the market, so let’s take a closer look at the differences now.

Bonus features

One useful trip for future players is to take a look at the bronze, silver and gold paytable options. Choose your favourite option and look at the paytable to see how the rewards evolve. Riskier bets can yield bigger prizes, so choose the option you are the most comfortable with.

Once on the second reel set, you get to play with different symbols such as Olympic torches and medals. The biggest reward you can get is a 500x cash prize, which could be yours for a mouse symbol combination on the reels.

Finally, note that players get 4 nudges after each spin in the secondary game. You can either use them right away or but them in a nudge bank for later use.

Track & Field Mouse starts off as an easy and cute game, but it is actually rather complex with multiple game levels and plenty of mini features that can be triggered.

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