The Gee Gees

The Gees Gees slot

The Gee Gees is a three-reel online slots game which imagines what it would be like if a certain trio of brothers from the 1970’s disco era had been horses. The game, which has just one pay line, has a very good pub-slot feel about it, with nudges, holds and a feature trail that enables you to trigger a Disco Dancefloor bonus game.
The game is very nicely presented, with the reels in the centre of the screen and the feature trail (which also serves as a pay table) below and to the right of them.

Game play

The Gees Gees slot game

The Gee Gees is a video slot game designed by Microgaming and inspired by the Bee Gees and disco music. Taking place in a funky nightclub, this game is a real invitation to party all night long and win big in style on the reels. So come along and prepare your best moves if you want to impress the crowd and land the biggest prizes at stake.

The reels, paytable and other bonus displays occupy the majority of the game screen, together with the game logo featuring a few club goes who happen to be horses. The background is dark and shows some details of the dancefloor, but the rest of the screen is brightly coloured.

The Gees Gees slot game features

The Gee Gees may look a little messy at first sight, but getting started on the reels is actually less complicated than it may seem. The game matrix is in fact the simplest you can fund in a classic slot game: 3 reels and a central payline, nothing more. You need to make sure as a result that all winning combinations land safely on that unique payline in order to pocket the cash prizes associated with them. Remember that all rewards can be influenced by the size of your bet, so keep that in mind while adjusting your bet settings with the command bar below the reels.

The game will in several occasion award two different sorts of mini bonuses to the luckiest of players. Nudges let you gently shake a reel to move it forward just a little and perhaps land a winning combination in the process. On the other hand, holds let you freeze one or more reels into place for the next spin and add a little strategy to your game. Use these bonuses wisely and you might be rewarded with gold.

Wins and rewards

The basic paytable contains a fairly large selection of mostly classic reel symbols, which you need to line up in groups of 3 on the payline to trigger the corresponding cash prize.

The most common of them are cherries, bar signs in single, double and triple sizes, blue and golden sevens. The sevens can even be mixed together and still yield a small cash prize. That being said, the rewards for these combinations cannot go higher than 10 times the value of your initial wager.

Keep an eye out for the horseshoes, watermelons and shiny diamonds and you will get a chance to win super big prizes up to 2,000 times the size of your bet. Certainly not a bad start, but there are even more ways to win big and have fun in The Gee Gees.

The Gees Gees slot game features

The Bonus Trail

Keep winning in the base game and you will slowly, but surely, make your way up the bonus trail that is displayed in the lower part of the game screen.

The higher you go on the trail, the higher the rewards you can get on the reels can become. On top of that, you will eventually get to hit the dance floor a play the game’s bonus round. Click the flashing square right when it lights up to access one of the mini games available.

Follow the instructions on screen and win extra spins, instant cash prizes and much more. Do not let the party die out and dance until dawn to make sure the jackpot is yours.

The Gee Gees is filled with humour, fun characters and big wins available at every turn. The main strength of the game resides in its bonus round and the many mini games it can trigger.

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