Sure Win

Sure win slot

Sure Win is a video slot game designed by Microgaming and inspired by the world of horse races. Not only do you get to bet on the reels here, but you also can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the horse track. Find your favourite horse and bet all you can on him to raise the stakes and make the game even more interesting.

About the game

Sure win slot game

The background of the game shows the crowded stadium under a blue, cloudless sky. The reels do take most of the space available on screen, but the command buttons have been neatly stashed at the bottom to leave an uncluttered game screen for players to enjoy. Add a few cartoonish characters and a pinch of humour on top, and there you have Sure Win. Visually striking despite its relatively simple graphics, the game delivers enough uniqueness to lure curious players into its world. The basic rules of Sure Win follow the usual pattern, so without further ado let’s get right into it – mostly for the sake of beginner players.

Symbols and Stake

Sure win slot game features

The game consists of 5 spinning reels with three symbols on each of them, and 25 paylines available in total. Try to land as many winning combinations as you can on these paylines in order to start winning cash prizes. The command bar at the bottom of the game screen is there to let you adjust your bet size and the number of paylines you wish to bet on for the next spin. You should be able to customise your game in a few clicks and launch the reels at the same time.

Once the race has begun and the reels are spinning, you should be focussing on the symbols that might appear on screen and, hopefully, create a few winning combinations.

The most common reel symbols are the binoculars, the jockey’s hat, some tickets to the race and the golden cup. The rewards for combinations of these symbol will not go any higher than 60 times the value of your initial bet, which is already non negligible.

The three horses and three different jockeys make up the remaining of the basic paytable. They all come in a different colour to make them more easily identifiable. The maximum reward here is the equivalent of no less than 800 times your wager for a combinations of 5 blue jockeys.

The Jackpot in the game

Sure win slot game features gameplay

The last two symbols of Sure Win are a little special and behave a bit differently from the rest of the paytable, which should play in your advantage during the game.

The Sure Win logo is a wild card that can replace any of the symbols listed so far. Use it to complete some extra winning combinations on screen, and it will also triple the value of said combinations instantly. Moreover, logo combinations are elusive but rewarding: 7,000 times your initial bet.

The bookmaker is a scatter symbol that pays in any position on the reels. Land at least three of them to win up to 24 free spins and a little cash prize at the same time. The free spins come with multipliers attached to make the game even more interesting.

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