Who Wants to be a Stallionnaire?

Who Wants to be a Stallionnaire?

Who Wants to be a Stallionnaire is a fun and original slot game obviously based on the famous TV game show, but starring a very wealthy horse. Nevertheless, this Microgaming video slot game features a rich gameplay and real winning possibilities – as well as a few challenges. The background of the game is a uniform green tone with darker diamond-shaped patterns. The general design of the game is quite retro, with plenty of flashy bonus displays littered all over the game screen, a voluminous paytable permanently on display and a command bar at the bottom.

The Game Play

Stallionaire slot game features

The game is based on a simple setup: 3 reels covered in various symbols with a single payline in the middle. Symbol combinations landing on that payline will trigger a cash prize that will be automatically transferred to your credit total. Use the (+) and (-) to adjust your wager according to your own strategy; just remember that the more you bet on the reels, the larger your potential rewards can become.

Who Wants to be a Stallionnaire? includes two extra gameplay features that can help you turn the game around. Nudges can be awarded during the game, allowing you to give an extra push to a specific reel and slightly move it forward. This might be all that you need to land another big win. On the other hand, holds can freeze a reel into position for the next spin and give you a bigger chance to score a win.

Symbols of Game

The paytable of Who Wants to be a Stallionnaire? contains a mixture of rather classic icons and other, more original reel symbols. The classic are the single, double and triple bar signs which you can combine to win up to 20 times the value of your initial bet. The blue sevens are another classic, worth 40 times your wager.

The rest of the menu contains carrots for the horses, targets, whips, cigars and golden card, which are worth a whopping x500 prize. Keep your eyes on the payline and check out the paytable once in a while to remind yourself of the different winning possibilities that you have. Apart from these basic rules, Who Wants to be a Stallionnaire? also features a fun bonus feature.

Pay attention to the small horseshoe icons that can pop up on the reels next to the regular reel symbols once in a while. They can be either bronze, silver or gold.

The Bonus Feature

Stallionaire slot game bonus

The bonus feature of Who Wants to be a Stallionnaire? is triggered when three horseshoes of the same type are lined up in any directions on the reel, even if they are not on the payline.

The bonus feature itself is a sort of wheel of fortune that you need to spin in order to win bonus prizes. On top of big cash prizes, you can win a chance to play one of the many mini games available. Follow the instructions on screen and help your horse win, and you will be showered in money, holds, nudges and much more.

The highest stakes lie with the bonus feature of the game, so we encourage you to always look out for those tiny horseshoes. Never let a single one pass, use the holds and nudges appropriately, and the rest is up to your own luck, after all.

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