Slam Funk

Slam Funk game features six characters to make up the ultimate dream team, where each psychedelic player is appointed their own multiplier value. Simply uncover the nine hidden panels to reveal three matching symbols, and enjoy a basketball boogie with the fantastic cash prizes on offer!
Slam Funk spans many genre’s but is built on solid beats and clean production.
Slam Funk is a parlor game that is offered to players who play at Microgaming casinos. This game is a relatively new offering by Microgaming, but it has proved to be fairly popular among patrons.

This is 80’s themed slot with the symbol complementing the theme perfectly. This is an instant play scratch card which will award amazing payouts depending on the symbol-matched on the game display.The scratch pad is set to the right of the game while the game’s paytable is located to the left of the display. The game’s logo is set atop the paytable while the command bar is at the bottom of the slot.

The stake at the game

This game is an instant win game which you need to scratch the scratch pad for your wins to be revealed. Before playing this game, you have to first set your prefered stake.You can do this by adjusting it using the up/down buttons at the command bar set at the bottom of the display. Players can set the minimum bet from a minimum of 0.50 and 10 thus allowing them to play within their bankroll.


In Slam Funk, you will not find any predefined paylines. Instead, you will get multipliers which will give you multiple opportunities to make a winning combination with each game round. You have to match 3 symbols on the scratch panel to receive a payout.Watch out for the gentleman holding a disco ball as this is the best symbol in Slam Funk. Matching 3 of this symbol on the scratch panel will award a high payout of up to 250X your stake.

The bonus feature

Slam Funk Slot

The only bonus feature in this game is the multipliers which are attached to the icons on the scratch card. The maximum payout you can receive when playing this game is 250X your bet for the gentleman holding the disco ball.The second most lucrative icon in this game is the blond lady awarding 50x your stake followed by the gentleman wearing blue. He awards 10x your stake while the purple wearing hippie comes in fourth awarding 4x your stake.The low paying symbols in this slot include the young man wearing beige and green.

Both these players will award the minimum payout in the game with the beige wearing young man awarding 2x your stake while the green wearing gentleman awarding 1x your stake.Players who love to sit back and enjoy wins as they land do not have any option but to manually reveal the winning symbol per game round. Even though there are no bonus features, it will still give you an exhilarating gaming experience.

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