Reel Strike

Reel strike slot

Reel Strike is a five reel, fifteen payline, and one hundred and fifty coin slot machine. The multiple paylines increase your chances of winning. Reel Strike has a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and a Free Spins bonus game. The Wild symbol substitutes for other symbols to complete winning combinations. The Wild symbol does not substitute for the Scatter symbol to complete scatter winning combinations.

Reel Strike is a great fishing themed online slots game. This game has five reels and fifteen pay lines. It is also a one hundred a fifty coin poker machine. The multiple pay lines can help to increase your winning amount and there are a some other great features too.

Symbols of the game

Reel strike slot game symbols

If you fancy yourself a spot of sea fishing but don’t have the sea legs, then this slot machine will provide the perfect angling simulation. There are many fishy symbols to catch, including a flying fish, a red snapper, a barracuda, a yellow fin tuna and a beautiful dorado. These symbols are actually worth the least amount of coins, so you want to keep an eye out for the game’s other symbols. These include a throttle stick, a fishing boat and the Reel Strike icon. The best symbol of the whole slot is the fishing reel, which is worth up to 10,000x the amount of coins stacked per line.

The fishing reel is also the slot machine’s wild symbol, meaning that it will take the place of other game symbols to make winning combinations along the active pay lines. This wild will also substitute for the bonus propeller symbol but it won’t fill in for the scatter symbol.

Game features

Reel strike slot game bonus

This bonus propeller icon will pop up a lot during the game, but you will need to line up 5 of them on an active pay line in order to progress to the bonus round. When this happens, you will be taken to a new game screen which shows you a harbour filled with 6 different boats. The aim of the game is to find the best possible combination of free spins and multiplier by picking one of these boats. The first pick will determine how many free games you get up to a possible 7. The second pick will determine the size of the multiplier that is applied to these freebies – the biggest multiplier available is 6x.

Once you have selected your boats, the free spins will begin. So, cross your fingers and wish for that life-changing big catch!

Stakes and wins

You don’t need to be a full time fisherman to master the 5 reels of this slot machine. In fact, any level of slot player can learn the ropes in a matter of minutes.

First of all, you can change the number of lines that are in play by clicking the “Select Lines” option. Doing this will also show the active lines over the reels, so you will be able to examine the ways in which you want to line up matching game symbols. Next, you can choose to place up to 10 coins per active pay line by clicking the “Select Coins” button. Finally, you can change the size of these coins by clicking the (-) and (+) buttons. The available denominations are: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25 and 0.50. These three factors will by multiplied together to calculate your final bet amount. So, the maximum possible stake is as follows: 15 lines X 10 coins X 0.50 = 75.

Once you are pleased that you have the most suitable wager in place, you simply have to spin the reels. Keep in mind, however, that bigger bait will attract bigger catches! Players can also sit back and relax while they wait for a nibble by using the slot machine’s “Autoplay” feature.

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