Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit Microgaming

Poker Pursuit is a fun and exciting standard online poker game by Microgaming that is easy to play and which differentiates itself from other games as you are able to increase your winnings through increasing the number of coins you decide to bet with.

Poker Pursuit is a single player table game very similar to the original Texas Hold’em.

Poker Pursuit Game Play

n Poker Pursuit, you are to be dealt with 5 cards at once. Three of them will be revealed at first while the other two will be faced down. You will get a choice to either call or raise. The fourth card will then be revealed and you will be given the same choice again. As the final and fifth card is revealed, you will get a payout according to the paytable on the top of the screen.

Poker Pursuit

The Wins

If you call, you do not have to add money like in video poker. In this case, it follows the rules of casino poker. It serves what would be called a Check-in casino poker. In this game, Royal Flush can fetch you the most number of coins. On a 3 coin game, it can get you as much as 3000 coins. In case of a 2 coin game, it gives you 2000 coins and for a 1 coin game, you get 1000 coins. The card with the lowest coins is Tens or Better which can fetch you a maximum of 6 coins and a minimum of 2 coins.

The payout in poker pursuit depends on the hand that the player collects. The game is played using the standard poker hand rankings with the lowest payed hand being a pair of tens. Poker pursuit is a tens or better poker game.

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