Pirates Paradise

Pirates Paradise slot

Pirates Paradise is Microgaming slot theme of pirates in the Caribbean, which is one of the world’s most beautiful locations. In this game you will see the three pirates gathered around the bonfire, while they laugh and share stories of the treasures they’ve gathered. You can see said treasure at their feet, while the sun smiles upon them.

Each pirate has his or her own unique look too, which adds some character to this classic casino slot. Pirates Paradise is a classic slot and it shows within the three-reels and one payline that it makes to that. Adding to that the sound effects in this slot are positively casino like. The winning sound effects are folksy, as you can hear a flute playing a short tune while the fire blazes to the win.

Symbols of the game

In this game you will find symbols like palm tree, a pair of trees, and a group of palm trees. While instead of the cherries, you have a conch shell. They add more pirate-based symbols with the iconic black flag and a treasure chest filled with treasure. Overall, Pirates Paradise looks fantastic and really does embrace the pirate theme.

Pirates Paradise slot features

The game interface

The interface is split into two different sides. The right hand side holds the display for the total bet and related winnings, with control setup slotting in alongside it. From there you can hit bet one, bet max, or the plus or minus button to adjust your bet. The spin button is on the bottom right of the screen. To the far left of this interface, you can find the total balance that will show you your total playing pot.

Winning combination

You can see that you can win by a combination of trees, a combination of treasure chest and black flags or even one or two conch shells. Putting it simply, you don’t need to land three in a row in order to win in this classic casino slot. By the way, if you want to play for the really high stakes, you will need to put in three coins. Three coins can lead to the max win of a truly jaw-dropping 2,500 coins.

Pirates Paradise slot game

The pirate theme is established early, with pan pipe music accompanying every spin and win, suitably piratical looking parrots and treasure littering the slot machine, all making it a thoroughly entertaining online slot. The finish of the game is excellent, with gentle creaking ship noises in the background and animations on every win.
Pirates Paradise Slot is rammed full of golden cash prizes – with a huge 10 winning reel combinations on offer, these pirates have more than enough treasure to give away.

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