Pharaohs Gems

Pharoahs Gems

Pharaoh’s Gems – The instant win games are always fun and can offer you a good set of excitement. There are 3 games available at Pharaoh’s Gems: one where you will have to open the treasure chest and reveal a jewel, match the win symbols, and open the bust in order to reveal a treasure. The maximum treasure can bring you up to 5000 times your bet.

This particular instant win game is a breath of fresh air in a much overdone genre, and even the sound effects and stunning backgrounds are something to get excited about.

So Pharaoh’s Gems is an online scratch card from Microgaming. Players get three chances to win per game with a range of prizes that are topped by an impressive 5000x pay out.

How to Play Pharaoh’s Gems

Pharoah Gems slot

Before you begin you will need to choose a suitable wager. This is a straightforward process and simply requires you to set a wager using the buttons below the reels. This option will be frozen whilst gameplay is occurring but you can change wagers between games.

Pharaoh’s Gems is a cross between a parlor game and a scratch card. Each ‘game’ comprises of three tasks that essentially require the player to click buttons to reveal icons.

• Game 1 prompts you to open the treasure chest. If you find a jewel you could win up to 500x your bet.

• Game 2 presents 3 canopic jars. You’ll need to click on them to reveal Egyptian symbols. If any of these match the jar you can win a prize up to 5000x the triggering bet.

• Game 3 asks you to open the Pharaohs’ bust to reveal an instant prize up to 5000x.

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