Monster Mania

Monster Mania slot

Microgaming’s Monster Mania provides delightful slots entertainment through cute monster icons that produce contagious giggles and laughs across the five reels and nine pay lines of this game. Coin limits range from 0.25c to $10, and the jackpot is 1000 coins. You can wager a maximum number of 9 coins in the game – or one per pay line.

For a colorful breath of monster-themed air, that features simple and straight to the point slots entertainment, try Microgaming’s Monster Mania.

Monster Mania slot

Monster Mania slot Symbols

If Monster Mania had a storyline of its own, it would go off something like this and it would surely be one of the most ambitious stories ever told, because it’s not very common for the Loch Ness monster, dragons, giant T-rex and alien-looking hybrids to come together with a benign bunch of assorted fruits to forge a gripping tale

The slot structure is the only part of olden slots that seems to have survived the test of time (this one is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 9 paylines).

Nine paylines may not offer enough ways of winning, especially if one is to juxtapose this structure to some other slots where as many as 50 paylines exists, but they are just about enough to recover one’s wagers, if things turn out well enough.

Monster Mania stake

Monster Mania slot Paytable

With coin value bracketed between 25 cents and $2, you can already say goodbye to the hopes of winning thousands of dollars off these cute little monsters – this is very much a low limit slot game. On a spin-by-spin basis, you can wager anywhere between $2.25 and $18, with options of partial wagering (split-wagering on multiple paylines) slightly improving odds in your favour.

So, in essence, the best case scenario for you to make the most of Monster Mania, just with the help of regular symbols, is to somehow get to a collection of combinations that will allow you to gain the max x2,000 multiplication, easing your way through to a cool $3,600!

Special Symbols

Even though $3,600 for $18 wagers may sound too good to be true, things start to look up with a lot of vigour once you get to the special symbols of Monster Mania.

The only wild symbol here is, quite predictably, the Monster Mania game logo itself. It plays the standard role of being an all-substitute, allowing you to complete those frustrating almost-there combos.

Quite curiously, it appears on non-terminal reels 2, 3 and 4 good for you.

If you think the whole deal with Monster Mania is just not for you, a scatter symbol – the face of a scatterbrain itself – can tempt you back to playing  ways.

This scatter is not stacked and can help you win as many as 100 free spins, depending upon its combinations.

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