Lots a Loot

Lots a loot slot game

Lotsa Loot is a fun progressive jackpot game from Microgaming which plays with the fun Luck of the Irish theme. It is available in two different versions, a 3-reel game and a 5-reel game, but both are linked to the same progressive jackpot network.
The slot is a 25 payline slot that can be played with up to 1 coin per line per spin. A very brief intro film shows you the Lots a Loot money pot overflowing with coins, and who knows if you hit the jackpot on this slot they could be your coins!
Lotsa Loot pays out very regularly with jackpots being paid out nearly every week – but this does not stop the jackpot from climbing to great heights

Lots a Loot Game

Lots a loot

Lotsa Loot 3-reel is, as you can probably tell, a 3 reeled slot machine game. There are a cracking 5 paylines open to you in this slot, which enhances your probability of picking up a decent win. There is only one coin value in this slot, and that is fixed at $0.50, although a coin per line can be staked. This means that this classic slot has a line bet of $0.50 and a maximum bet of $2.50 per spin.

Items on the reels include single bars, double bars and triple bars. All of these will pay out a range of relatively low to medium wins, although the 7s are worth far more money. Without a shadow of a doubt though, the most prosperous icon is the Lotsa Loot logo, which we’ll tell you more about in just a second.

Bonus Features

The Lotsa Loot icon is a special icon in this slot, as it doubles as both a wild symbol and a multiplier. If the player is fortunate enough to land a wild on a payline and it happens to substitute itself for a winning symbol, the wild will offer an additional 2x multiplier to the total winnings the player accumulates from the payline. Should the player find 2 wilds on their payline, they will a 4x multiplier instead of the double money multiplier.

Game Payouts

Lots a loot slot game paytable

Any three bars pay out the lowest sum of money in the game, with 4 coins the prize. Should a player accumulate 3 single bars on a payline, they will win a total of 10 coins, whilst 40 coins are available if a player lines up 3 double bars. 3 triple bars will reward the player with a decent payout of 60 coins, whilst three 7s on a payline will see them win a total of 80 coins.

Jackpot to win

This classic slot does have a progressive jackpot and to win it, players will need to have all 3 wilds on a payline. However, only one of the paylines payouts out the progressive. The first four paylines (in that order), pay out sums of 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 coins respectively. If the player lands all 3 icons on the fifth payline – which runs from the bottom left icon on the first reel, up to the top right icon on the third reel – they will win the progressive jackpot. But they must also have the maximum wager staked too.

It is common for the Lotsa Loot 3-reel progressive jackpot to reach into the tens of thousands of dollars range. Whilst it is certainly an entertaining catch to try and land all 3 of the Lotsa Loot logos on the fifth payline to win the jackpot, it is certainly not easy. Generally, only two symbols appear on each reel at any one time, and so players are going to have to get extremely lucky to pull of this massive coup. However, it isn’t impossible and with wagers insanely cheap, most players can afford to try time and time again.

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