Keno is a game played using cards with numbers that range from 1 to 80. It is played like the lottery, where players select numbers to bet on and 20 numbers are randomly selected using a ball machine or a random number generator. The winners are declared based on how many numbers are drawn, how many matching numbers the player’s picks, and how much money the player wagers. This is a popular game in casinos, online. Let’s have a look at the beginner’s guide to keno.


It is said the word “Keno” has originated from the French quine that stands for “five winning numbers”. The game begins in China nearly 2000 years ago.

Originally the game was known as baige piao, which means “white pigeon ticket”, and is referred to as the carrier pigeons that delivered outcomes of the game from gambling houses to nearby areas. Today also, Baige piao is popular in China and is the ancestor of bingo, Keno, and the lottery.



You can select from 1 to 10 spots out of the 80 numbers that are offered on a Keno ticket. Although several casinos offer players the opportunity to select up to 12 or 15 spots per race. Payouts keep changing based on the how many spots you select, the number of spots you player catches, and it differs from casino to casino. When playing online, you can witness the payout change in real time based on the number of spots you choose.


While several gamblers usually opt for a lower wager for a higher number of spots and races, many may bet and opt for a fewer number of spots and races. The wager is all about a number of races. If you wage $1, select 10 spots and only one race, you are wagering $1. Better to select whatever works for you and stick with making it your strategy for rest of your play game.


Payouts are based on several factors and vary from casino to casino. It is widely calculated by the number of spots the player opts for and how many spots a player catches, which is multiplied by the ratio of the player’s initial bet to the base rate of the pay table. Usually, grater spots you choose, the more numbers you catch, the greater the payout.



Keno house advantage is almost 20%. You should have a good idea about the odds of Keno in to know how likely it is to hold a specific number of spots in specific situations.


Make sure you are playing on a good pay table. For instance, you may get a 12:1 payout on a $10 wager if you select two spots and catch both of them, while some other another game may offer an 8:1 payout for the similar situation. Of course, the first casino sounds better, but the second casino may offer a smaller amount for catching only one of the two spots, while the other offers nothing. If you find an online casino offering free play, do not miss out this opportunity, the free play helps you to mess around with the paytable and see whether you should put real money into it or not.


To win big amount, bet higher on fewer games. Depending on the pay table, although selecting fewer numbers isn’t always wrong. At some casino, catching 2 out of 2 spots gives you a payout of 12:1, and catching 8 of 15 spots offers a payout of 25:1. Getting 2 out of 2 spots give you a chance of 1 in 16, whereas catching 8 out of 15 spots offers you a chance of 1 in 136. Better to pick the maximum number of spots to qualify a higher chance of winning the jackpot.

If you want to play for a longer period of time, do the opposite keno strategy – bet smaller amounts of money on multiple games.


Make it clear that the numbers that are picked during Keno are totally random. It is generated using a machine which is called a random number generator which means there is no fixed pattern or magic trick that can work for anyone to generate any specific number to win. If any number hasn’t appeared in any five races it doesn’t mean it’ll show up in the next one and because a number has shown up for three races doesn’t mean it’s a lucky number. It is only a matter of chance what makes Keno risky and exciting, so just sit back, relax, and have fun. If you go into Keno thinking you’ll win big money every round, you’ll be disappointed. Do not forget it is a matter of random number that wins and you just need to enjoy yourself.

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