Jackpot Express

Jackpot Express slot

Jackpot Express is a train-themed classic poker machine created by Microgaming to appease fans of traditional, 3-reel slots. This charming game features an old-school layout, some good prizes, and plenty of fun.
Jackpot Express is not trying to give you a storyline worthy of a novel, special effects like a blockbuster movie, or animations that remind you of a next-gen video game. It is definitely a poker machine for fans of 3-reel, traditional slots that are easy to play and fun to take some spins on.

Symbols in the game

Jackpot Express slot game

In Jackpot Express slot game you take a ride on the express train and do not miss your stop, especially if you want to score all the big cash prizes available in this game. This retro game invites you to come on board a very special train, loaded with only one specific sort of cargo: pure gold, in all shapes and worth more than you can imagine.

The background is painted in pink and orange, with no specific details or landscapes you could recognise. The only element that stands out is a steam locomotive carried several wagons filled to the brim with gold. The rest of the screen only leaves space for the reels, the paytable and the command bar at the bottom.

About the game matrix

Jackpot Express game

The game matrix has 3 reels and 5 paylines running across them, on top of which you need to land winning combinations of symbols in order to make their cash value yours. Use the command bar to adjust your coin value and select how many coins you have to bet on the next spin. Activate as many paylines as you wish, hit the spin button and cross your fingers.

To win the biggest rewards possible, you will need to bet as many credits as you can on every spin. The bet max button can help you go all-in and place as much money on the table as possible with a single click of your mouse. You might also want to try the autospin mode and set the game on autopilot for a while, leaving you space to just sit back and enjoy the game. Feel free to play around with the settings and adjust them as often as you would like over the course of your game.

Paytable of Jackpot Express

The paytable of Jackpot Express is a perfect example of a selection of classic slot game symbols. You will not find as much variety in it as in other, more modern slot games.

Most of the symbols are different types of bar signs, either single, double or triple. The larger the symbol, the bigger the cash reward becomes. You should also note that you can also mix several types of bar signs together on a payline and still score a small win.

The triple red seven combinations is the most valuable of the basic paytable. Score one on an activated payline and the corresponding reward will amount to 80 times the value of your initial bet. Beyond these first few combinations, Jackpot Express also has a few more surprises in store.

Hit the Jackpot

To really hit the jackpot in this game, you will have to keep an eye out for the wagon symbol. You cannot really miss it, given that it is constantly overflowing with gold nuggets.

The wagon icon serves as a wild card in Jackpot Express, which means that it can substitute for any other symbol listed previously.

On top of that, wagon combinations are by far the most rewarding of the entire game. Depending on the payline on which they line, they can be worth between 1,000 and 5,000 times your starting bet. A reward so high that it can, it a matter of mere seconds make up for all the time you have spent relentlessly spinning the reels.

So hop on board and hold on tight until you hit the jackpot, you will not regret buying a ticket on the Jackpot Express.

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