Jackpot Deuces

Jackpot Deuces

Jackpot Deuces Poker is a version of video poker that is produced by Microgaming, one of the world’s leading producers of online gaming software. It is one of the most entertaining versions of video poker you’ll ever find, because it has both wild cards and a progressive jackpot.
Jackpot Dueces is Deuces Wild with a twist. You will have a regular 52 card deck in this game. Out of those 52 cards four of them are wild cards to help you win in the game.

About the game

Jackpot Deuces is a video poker classic. This great game has all the great video poker action you would expect from a 32Red product but also comes with the added edge of a progressive jackpot, which can often build to a staggering £30,000. So just when you thought our video poker games couldn’t get any more generous, along comes this amazing casino game.

Based on five card draw poker and a 52 card deck, Jackpot Deuces differs from regular poker in that it is played against the machine rather than other players. Therefore winnings are fixed according to the strength of the poker hand you receive and not by beating someone elses.

Jackpot deuces poker

After receiving one hand of five cards there is an opportunity for the player to hold certain cards whilst discarding others. Discarded cards are then replaced by fresh ones from the deck of 52. After this the player must have formed a hand of three of a kind or better, otherwise the player will lose their bet and recieve no winnings. Don’t forget that deuce cards are wild and will substitue missing cards, filling in for all suits, number and picture cards to form winning poker hands.

A progressive jackpot builds with every round of poker, so even as you read this its growing steadily. It works by a small proportion of the bet being deposited back into a jackpot account. It accumulates over time where it waits to be won. To win it all in Jackpot Deuces a player must be lucky enough to land a diamond royal flush. Not easy, but not impossible! Just keep on playing and you never know, it could be you.

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