High 5

High five slot

H5G’s games are known for their unique artistic style and engaging gameplay, and they regularly lead the industry in both performance and popularity. The company’s 2011 mega hits, Golden Goddess and Black Widow, were two of the most popular new games in casino gaming history. H5G is also responsible for creating many of the industry’s most renowned brands, including Da Vinci Diamonds, Cats, Noah’s Ark, and Secrets of the Forest.

About the game

High Five from Microgaming is first and foremost and old school slot game whose purpose is to emulate an actual slot machine as much as possible. Most of the screen is occupied by the reels and the paytable, and the command bar is at the bottom as per usual.

The game matrix is as simple as can be: 3 reels and a single payline right in the middle. Your goal is to land as many winning combinations of symbols as possible on that payline in order to win the cash prizes associated with them. Check out the command bar to adjust your wager, and select how many coins you wish to bet on your next spin. You can bet up to 3 coins, and the remaining buttons can help you select the coin value. You will have access to different rewards depending on the size of your bet.

You can always speed up the process by clicking the bet max button or turning on the autospin mode. These options allow you to either go all-in with the biggest bet available, or set the game on autopilot and bet on several successive spins, respectively.

High five slot

Symbols in the game

The paytable of High Five focuses on the many combinations you can score during the game. You can always check it out as it lights up to show which kind of rewards you are entitled to as you play.

The basic symbols are cherries, single, double and triple bar signs, and finally blue and red sevens. Combinations of the same kind of symbols are worth the most, up to 180 times your wager for a triple blue seven combination on the payline.

That being said, you also have a few mixed combinations available. For instance, cherries can be mixed with other symbols for a small reward, and bar signs of all sizes can coexist on the payline and still pay a modest prize. A mixed seven combo is worth 120 times your bet, which is not to be overlooked.

High 5 Symbol

The final reel symbol of High Five is by far the most valuable of all, and it also carries some special powers for players to take advantage off. Let’s see what this mysterious symbols is all about here.

Combinations of this colourful 5 symbols are worth no less than 5000 times what you put on the table, which is obviously enough to make your credit total explode in an instant.

Secondly, the 5 symbols are also wild cards that can replace any other symbol on the reels. A combination with a wild in it has its value multiplied by 5, while combining two wilds with another symbol triggers a x25 bonus.

Combinations of 5s are the holy grail of the game, so stay focused and keep trying to score a few of them to hit the jackpot. Remember that some mixed combinations will also count and trigger prizes for the lucky players.

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